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Huawei Cloud 828 Promotion Activity 2G1M ECS 69 yuan in the first year

Although there is no regulation on the time node for the promotion activities of merchants, the previous promotions of merchants have been conventionally agreed that there will be several waves of preferential activities at the end of the Double 11 Festival, the end of the year or the middle of the year. But now businesses have begun to concoct their own event plans, such as the so-called 88 Shopping and 818 Shopping. Here, Laozuo sees Huawei Cloud launch the so-called 828 Enterprise Cloud Festival. In short, these businesses attract our users to choose to buy through continuous promotion.

In the previous business activities shared by Lao Zuo, we were told that business promotion activities can save costs for us and enterprises. However, it should also be based on the premise of demand. We buy what we can use, and there is no need to stock up when we don't need it. The host itself is highly competitive, and there are activities all year round. Let's take a look at the so-called 828 activities of Huawei Cloud.

The activity ended August 31.

1. Seckill time limited zone

Offer is limited to one order! The second price cut of ECS is as low as 0.59%, and the loot starts at 9:00 every day

 Huawei Cloud 828 Promotion Activity 2G1M ECS 69 yuan in the first year

The flash sale activity can only be started at 9 am, with limited inventory. 2G1M ECS is as low as 69 yuan in the first year.

2. New user discount area

Offer is limited to one order! Buy ECS and enjoy 3 discounts plus purchase of host security and database.

The preferential strength and scheme of enterprises and individuals are different. For example, the first year of the. CN domain name is 8 yuan. The CPU resources of Huawei ECS are normal without deduction.

3. Raffle

Users who registered and completed their real name during the period from April 4 to August 31, paid 828 yuan for new purchases, and won 100% prizes

If we meet the requirements, we can participate in the lottery to see our luck.


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