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Sort out RackNerd merchants' 10+machine room test IP, with 10+regular activity plans attached

Every time Lao Zuo introduced RackNerd merchants, he would go to their computer room to test the IP address. First of all, we know that the characteristics of RackNerd merchants are that there are more than a dozen computer rooms. Of course, Laozuo needs to remind us that although there are many computer rooms, the speed of merchants is generally not the so-called three network optimization lines. People play with the public lines and multiple computer rooms. Of course, there is a regular annual special price scheme.

Even with such products, there are still many demand customer groups. Especially for foreign trade business demand, low prices will not be rejected. Here in this article, Lao Zuo collates the 10+machine room test IP address of RackNerd merchants, so that I can directly quote it to netizens for direct testing in the future.

First, RackNerd merchants test the IP machine room

At present, there are 10+computer rooms in total, and I will add them here if there is any future increase.

Corresponding machine room Machine room IP Speed test file LookingGlass
Los Angeles DC-01
Los Angeles DC-02
Los Angeles DC-05
San Jose
New Jersey
Buffalo, New York

If we need to test the speed and line of each computer room, we can choose to test. Including download speed measurement.

Second, regular merchant activity package

The following packages are available for several computer rooms in New York, Los Angeles, San Jose, Dallas, Chicago, New Jersey, Atlanta, etc.

Memory CPU SSD flow Price Purchase address
512M 1 core 15G 1.0T/month $8.89/year link
1G 1 core 20G 2T/month $11.95/year link
1.5G 2 cores 20G 4T/month $16.55/year link
2G 2 cores 20G 4T/month $18.88/year link
2G 2 cores 50G 4T/month $19.95/year link
2.5G 3 cores 40G 6.5T $25.8/year link
3G 2 cores 32G 4T/month $24.68/year link
3G 3 cores 45G 6T/month $31.50/year link
4G 3 cores 55G 8T/month $33.25/year link
4.5G 4-core 60G 8T/month $55.89 per year link
5G 3 cores 80G 10T/month $59.68/year link
8G 4-core 100G 1T/month $65.00/year link

If there are other temporary promotion plans, Lao Zuo will also share them on the website. Just follow us.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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