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25% discount for Hostwinds to be taken off the shelf in May

Hostwinds In the past, Laozuo, a businessman, also briefly recorded several articles. In fact, his family's products did not seem to have a great discount, but it was unclear why some websites introduced more. Is their product really Chinese? Lao Zuo will wait these days to see if he can also re study their products. This time, I saw their family's May summer activity to promote the managed VPS host at a 25% discount.

Here we have a look at their products. In fact, the price of their products has increased a little compared with what I saw before. Hostwinds VPS hosts include LiNUX and Windows systems, as well as managed and non managed ones. Difference and selection of managed and unmanaged VPS host schemes

First, managed VPS host

 25% discount for Hostwinds to be taken off the shelf in May - Page 1

This activity is a 25% discount for direct management, without using a discount code. The WIN system will be more expensive.

Second, Unmanaged VPS

 Unmanaged VPS

We can see that the unmanaged VPS host is our common VPS host. In theory, we don't need to buy a management model. We are stingy enough to save money. Do we have to spend more money? We can play with the server by ourselves, so we don't have to ask the service provider to handle things.

About the Hostwinds merchant VPS host evaluation and tutorial:

1、 Hostwinds supports user-defined upload images and snapshot backup disks

2、 Hostwinds VPS panel application tutorial and free replacement of sealed IP address

3、 Hostwinds Dallas Machine Room Speed and Performance Experience Record

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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