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EdgeNAT - New Cera machine room, CUVIP line, VPS, 20% discount

Recently, the VPS host of CUVIP line is quite popular. It can be seen that major businesses have successively added products of this machine room, and some small service providers have been dumped in the second-hand market due to insufficient inventory. Here we also see that edgeNAT service providers have also increased the CUVIP line VPS host of Cera computer room in the United States, and this event is a 60% discount for the whole audience.

 EdgeNAT - New Cera machine room, CUVIP line, VPS, 20% discount

EdgeNAT Chinese host company, founded in 2019, is a member of APNIC, ASN139803. edgenat Hong Kong CN2, South Korea CN2, the United States CN2, the United States CeRa direct connection. It provides a 7-day no reason refund (see TOS first). It is based on KVM virtualization, supports Windows and Linux systems, pure SSD (raid5+hot standby), and the network is all high-quality products optimized for the mainland, which is very suitable for conventional purposes such as station building.

Activity plan:

CPU Memory Hard disk IPv4/peak bandwidth/traffic/defense Discounted price link
1 core 512MB 20GB One IP/1000Mbps/1000G/2G 240 years link
1 core 1GB 20GB One IP/1000Mbps/1500G/2G 30 yuan/month link
2 cores 2GB 50GB One IP/2000Mbps/3000G/2G 72 yuan/month link
4-core 4GB 100GB One IP/2000Mbps/5000G/2G 144 yuan/month link
6 cores 8GB 200GB One IP/3000Mbps/10000G/2G 240 yuan/month link


1. The CUVIP line VPS in the new cera machine room will be promoted at a discount of 60% (except for cera limit models).

2. Activity time, 3.11-3.21

3. Discount code: CUVIP

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