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Hengchuang Technology paid 299 yuan annually for Hong Kong ECS in the first purchase season of 2021

In recent days, we have seen that domestic cloud service providers have successively released the activities of the first purchase season. For example, Lao Zuo shared the activities of Tencent Cloud and Alibaba Cloud yesterday. Relatively speaking, the discount of Tencent Cloud is relatively large. Here we also see that the old brand Hengchuang Technology has also released procurement season activities, among which the Hong Kong cloud server is more attractive, as low as 299 yuan per year.

This can make up for our inability to apply for new accounts and obtain low prices from other domestic cloud service providers. At the same time, we see that Alibaba and Tencent have relatively few Hong Kong machines Hengchuang Technology Hong Kong server It is also suitable for some users who need Hong Kong machines.

Hengchuang Technology's New Year Purchasing Season Activity Venue

 Hengchuang Technology paid 299 yuan annually for Hong Kong ECS in the first purchase season of 2021

We can see that the merchant's servers in Hong Kong and the United States are mainly servers, including physical independent servers.

 Hengchuang Technology paid 299 yuan annually for Hong Kong ECS in the first purchase season of 2021

We can see that the annual payment of 299 yuan for the 1GB2M configuration of Hong Kong ECS is relatively cheap. At the same time, there are independent servers, which are more suitable for high-end users.

Activity introduction:

Time: March 1 - March 26, 2021

Seckill qualification: It is available for the first purchase of ECS and physical servers.

(1) Users with no purchase record of "ECS (Hong Kong)" can kill the "ECS (Hong Kong, China)" special model in seconds;

(2) Users without a purchase record of "ECS (America)" can kill the "ECS (Los Angeles, America)" special model in seconds;

(3) Users who have no purchase record of "physical server" can kill the "physical server" special model in seconds.

Activity content: During the activity, ECS and physical servers rent certain products at low prices.
Activity detailed rules:

(1) Seckill products are only available to users who purchase ECS or physical servers for the first time. One set of seckill products is limited.

(2) The seckill product is a special price product, which cannot be superimposed with other discounts and cannot use vouchers.

(3) The price of promotional commodities shall be subject to the display on the activity page. 20% off for 1 month or 3 months of renewal of "ECS", and 70% off for 1 year of renewal; A 20% discount will be given for the renewal of "physical server" for one month or three months.

(4) The seckill product is a special product, and the renewal cycle is automatically synchronized with the new purchase duration. For example, if the active ECS you purchased is 1 year, the renewal period is 1 year by default. If you need to modify the renewal period, you need to contact customer service for modification.

(5) All active products do not support changing regions or nodes after purchase. The regional configuration of each product and the sales of resources in different regions are subject to the information displayed on the activity page.

(6) The seckill goods are special goods. If there is a refund, it will be converted into the original price of the product according to the actual use of resources, and then the remaining amount will be returned. You can apply for refund by submitting the work order to the financial department. Before refunding, please ensure that the data has been migrated. After the refund, the corresponding product seckill qualification will not be restored.

Here we can also look at other procurement season activities:

1、 In 2021, Tencent Cloud New Year Purchase Festival will be launched, and the collection of promotional vouchers will still be limited

2、 In the 2021 AliCloud cloud purchase season, subsidies for new employees will greatly boost 2G memory by 86 yuan a year

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