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BudgetVM supports Alipay payment to attract Chinese webmaster users

Laozuo doesn't know why, but it is also a deep-rooted problem with our characteristics. Our domestic webmasters want to buy host computers and domain names abroad. Even today's VPS often doesn't have Paypal or credit card payment methods, and even has tools, they dare not buy them, so there will be a lot of purchasing agents There are third-party channels for RESELLER's needs. I wonder if there are such problems in other foreign countries. As a result, many overseas merchants will choose to open payment methods suitable for us, such as UnionPay and Alipay. Once these payment methods that we can use directly are supported, the purchase volume is relatively large.

However, many users believe that once Alipay payment is supported, it will be purchased by many users in large quantities, resulting in a decline in quality. In fact, Laozuo doesn't think so. Whether Alipay is supported or not, is there less purchasing power for domestic users? Especially for the host and VPS products, the stability of the system lies in the service and management of merchants, not in the number of users. It is like a popular restaurant. If you manage it well, you will still be in order. If you manage it badly, you will see people who have not eaten standing beside the table waiting for others to eat, and will also jam the aisle.

After BudgetVM supports Alipay, it will definitely increase the purchase of domestic users, especially their VPS products have more independent IP addresses, which is more suitable for users who need independent IP sites or have special needs. For example, Lao Zuo used it before 512M OVZ scheme 3.99 per month There are two independent IPs, and you can also purchase 10 independent IPs, and each independent IP will be paid only $1 per month.

In terms of price, the BudgetVM product has a high cost performance ratio. At present, there are SSD OVZ, ordinary OVZ, WIN and XEN product solutions. Go to the official website if necessary.

Official website of BudgetVM: BudgetVM.Com

Previously, Lao Zuo also bought the products on behalf of his PayPal or credit card friend RESELLER who needed them. Because their RESELLER has no independent management panel, especially if users need to reinstall the system, they still need to find me. It is very troublesome. The official has always said that the panel has not been completed in the process of improvement. It seems that after supporting Alipay payment, they will not need to bother to buy the products on behalf of others, It is more convenient to buy by yourself.

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