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Some Questions to Know in Choosing American Imitation Space/Foreign Trade Host

A few days ago, I saw a netizen left a message about whether Lao Zuo could introduce a website suitable for foreign trade American Imitation Space The host company of. Although many domestic and foreign host companies have been recorded on Laozuo's notebook website, none of them is really suitable for foreign trade imitated host companies or configurations. Of course, we may search for related products and some businesses mention that they support it, but can they really support it?

I remember that around 2009, there were many domestic foreign trade websites, especially fake ones. In fact, at that time, many host companies supported Foreign trade imitation space American foreign trade host To enter the domestic market under the banner of. At that time, users really had a great demand, and even there were no popular VPS and other virtual machines or independent servers. At that time, many old webmasters must have known about Bluehost, JustHost and other virtual hosting vendors.

 Some Questions to Know in Choosing American Imitation Space/Foreign Trade Host

In this article, Lao Zuo is going to sort out his personal opinions about the choices and understandings you may be looking for for the foreign trade imitation space host. Don't be misled by some so-called propaganda, and then block the host due to his copyright problems.

First American Imitation Space Whether it really exists

We have indeed seen that many businesses provide so-called 100% anti complaint copy copyright space and host companies. In recent years, Lao Zuo has not contacted this kind of product, and has paid less attention to it. However, judging from the so-called merchants before and now. In fact, there is no absolute defense complaint. We can only say that the business areas we saw in the early days are relatively remote, such as some small island countries or areas where supervision is difficult.

However, if there is a problem, it is still easy to investigate and deal with it, for example, through the IP address and then find the host channel, or directly find the domain name registrar through tracing and then confiscate or block it. If we have done foreign trade websites, it should be clear that domain names will be directly restricted.

So we are choosing foreign trade website host or really need Foreign imitation card space Even the so-called 100% defense complaint merchants, we should not believe too much. If you really need it, be careful not to pay for it for too long, and it needs to be backed up regularly.

Second, whether conventional overseas hosts are complaint resistant

If we often play with foreign hosts, we should know that copyright management in foreign countries is still very strict. Generally speaking, the hosts provided by regular overseas host companies will not support complaint resistance strictly. If there is a problem, they will not automatically detect it. Generally, it needs to be reported and complained by others or traced by the copyright owner. After finding the host, they will go to the machine that notifies your account for processing.

Generally, there will be time to process your content or complain about your content problems, just like when our ECS is implanted by a Trojan horse and our host is SUSPEND. At this time, we don't need any blame. The business itself didn't say that it supports the host of foreign trade imitated brand content. We can only move out.

In conclusion, for foreign trade websites, if they are formal, we don't need to worry about copyright issues. You can choose any host company. However, if you do have a copyright problem or may cause a complaint, you should be prepared. None of the vendors are 100% complaint resistant, and we can choose not to do so. However, since you have done so, you should always be ready to migrate data and change the service provider.

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