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DataplugsHong Kong server speed and performance experience and evaluation records

Dataplugs , a Hong Kong hosting company, which mainly provides Hong Kong servers, virtual hosts, server hosting, domain names and other peripheral cloud product servers. Merchants' products are mainly Hong Kong data centers, and they often see products such as Hong Kong servers. The user groups they mainly target have high requirements for bandwidth and lines, including two-way CN2 lines and 1Gbps large bandwidth. Of course, the price must be higher than that of ordinary VM vendors.

For a long time, Lao Zuo has not really started a server at his home for evaluation. The main independent servers are different from ordinary virtual machines. Ordinary businesses may pay a few dollars a month, or even more than ten dollars. I may bite my teeth to buy one and do a real evaluation. If the cost is high, I still haven't tested.

In this article, I applied to Dataplugs A test server of the merchant's Hong Kong server is ready to test the Dataplugs merchant's Hong Kong server for the first time. This is an in-depth understanding of the merchant. After all, I have known about the brand of Dataplugs for some time, but the product is still the first time to use it.

First, official websites and products of merchants

Here, we can see that Dataplugs merchants have CN2 two-wire servers, 1Gbps large bandwidth servers, etc. The user base they face is relatively high-end, and the estimated budget of ordinary virtual machine users is still limited.

Second, Dataplugs Hong Kong server evaluation record

Here I submit the materials and apply for a test machine for several days to record the products of this business. If we need, the official website also has an application for entry and submission of materials.

-2 x Intel Xeon Silver 4110
-16 cores/32 threads
-32GB memory
- 2 x 240GB SSD (RAID 1)
-5Mbps China linear bandwidth

1. PING speed test

2. Routing test

Then take a random look at Mobile and Unicom.

3. Basic configuration information

4. IO read-write capability

Good read-write ability, using SSD solid state disk.

5. Random download speed measurement

In a word, through a simple evaluation of Dataplugs merchants, we can see that merchants focus on Hong Kong server products, as well as virtual hosting and other hosting services. For users who need servers in Hong Kong and large bandwidth servers, there may be an additional choice of merchants.

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