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2019HawkHost Hawk host Christmas 30% discount promotion virtual host as low as 75 yuan

During the previous Black Friday activity, Lao Zuo also shared the promotional activities of HawkHost, an old host company we are familiar with. At that time, we saw that the activity was also a 30% discount. This Christmas, we saw that the official release activity was also a 30% discount. For their products, although there are Semi Dedicated Hosting and Reseller host products, we generally choose not many, but more of them choose Shared and Cloud Web Hosting virtual host products. It is recommended to choose the latter cloud virtual host with the same price.

 2019HawkHost Hawk host Christmas 30% discount promotion virtual host as low as 75 yuan

This activity is a collection of Christmas and Boxing Day activities. Previously, we saw separate Boxing Day activities.

First, Hawk host merchant website and activity time

Official website of Hawk host www. HawkHost.Com (The activity has started: as of December 27)

At present, the activity has begun. If it is a foreign trade station, overseas hosts can be selected. Although businesses also have servers, we generally choose virtual hosts in the majority, and other cost performance is average.

Second, Christmas promotion activities of Eagle host

1. 30% discount for virtual host

Discount code: cbdshared2019

Activity description: 30% discount can be given to purchase any virtual host scheme by using the discount code, only for new purchases. Renewal will restore the original price, but we can buy it again before renewal. I usually move after purchase before the next event.

Auxiliary description: The virtual host has the primary and professional schemes. The former has 10GB hard disk, and the latter has no limit on size, traffic and number of sites. Both are shared IP addresses. After purchasing the primary scheme for two years, the price is $21, and the average price is about $10 a year.

2. 40% discount for distribution host

Discount code: cbdreseller2019

Activity description: It is unclear whether anyone still buys RESELLER, a distribution host. In the past, many people bought Eagle and Crocodile distribution hosts to split the host for sale on Taobao. After all, overseas host companies do not limit the number of websites to be built. Many people did split small personal host accounts for sale at the beginning.

3. Cloud Web Hosting 30% off

Discount code: cbdcloud2019

Activity description: It is the same as the traditional virtual host in terms of configuration and price. From the perspective of technology and stability, cloud virtual machine is better, but there are not many cloud virtual machine rooms before. Lao Zuo just saw that there are also machine rooms, so if you have a choice, you can suggest choosing a virtual machine.

Auxiliary note: Compared with the traditional shared virtual host above, Laozuo personally suggests choosing the cloud virtual host.

Third, test the IP address of each machine room


New York:

Los Angeles:



Hong Kong:


To sum up, if the eagle host virtual machine is used on Chinese websites, it may be slow, but Lao Zuo (LAOZUO.ORG) sees that there are still many netizens who use it on foreign trade websites. It should be that there are more users. Otherwise, in the era of cloud server competition, the virtual machine has long been eliminated. If we can stick to it today, we will still have users.

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