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Tencent Cloud domestic server 680 yuan in three years 2G/2M is suitable for novice website building

For our personal webmasters, it is good for us that the competition among cloud hosting companies is extremely fierce now. Maybe in a few years, some domestic personal hosting companies will find ways to transform. Of course, recently we can see several domestic old host companies transform their server business into IDC businesses and begin to reduce VPS host business in succession. Therefore, if many of us are still vowing to enter the virtual machine industry, we still need to be cautious. There is basically nothing we can do in this industry unless we have the corresponding capital and technical strength.

We can see the perennial promotional activities of domestic mainstream businesses such as Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud, and the length of each activity cycle can basically cover one year. For example, in domestic cloud servers, if we need to build a website, there is not much market for domestic computer rooms for ordinary individual businesses, unless we see some advanced defense Large bandwidth server services will have a market, and ordinary personal services are basically from these businesses.

I found that as long as I contacted users of the website building business, even new graduates wanted to build a personal website. At noon, the new colleague of the company asked where to buy a machine to do a personal blog, and told him directly to buy Tencent Cloud. There were still activities these days. New people can use the configuration of 680 yuan and 2M2G for at least three years, which is a three-year goal for themselves.

 Tencent Cloud domestic server 680 yuan in three years 2G/2M is suitable for novice website building

First, Tencent Cloud Time Limited Activity Address

Activity address: Tencent Cloud New People's Secondkill Activity: 680 yuan, 2M configuration for three years

In recent days, we can see that the activity at 4pm every day has a three-year 680 yuan server configuration, which is cost-effective. Other time periods include 198 yuan a year, or 240 yuan a year for Hong Kong servers.

Second, Tencent ECS selection suggestions

1. Configuration requirements

For general personal websites, the difference between 1M bandwidth and 2M bandwidth is basically not too big. We can achieve static and static separation to improve the speed of websites. At the same time, we can use cache plug-in applications. Especially for novices, we are worried about the configuration problem. In fact, the configuration bandwidth of domestic machines is relatively low. If there is large traffic in the future, we can improve the bandwidth.

2. Scope of station construction

Regardless of the computer room at home and abroad, the content of building the station must be regular. Otherwise, the server IP address may be blocked or other legal liabilities may occur. No matter which host company, the security of data is under our own control. We need to back up the data on a regular basis, or have the technical ability to automatically back up the data in the society, such as backing up to other servers or third-party storage.

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