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Jingwen Internet Hong Kong/Singapore/Japan VPS 20% off 1GB memory 40GB hard disk 3Mbps 70 yuan/month

Jingwen Internet, a domestic host company established in 2012, provides VPS and server services for computer room lines in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Los Angeles, the United States, etc. It adopts KVM architecture and SSD solid state disk. In March this time, the merchants launched the new Hong Kong CN2 computer room scheme, and offered a 20% discount for the whole market. For those who need to build a website, they can choose Asian computer rooms such as Hong Kong and Japan.

For domestic host companies, Linux and Windows systems are available for server systems. It should also be noted that domestic businesses are relatively strict at present, and must use regular projects and cannot occupy full bandwidth for a long time.

First, some VPS configurations

At present, the merchants provide cloud servers in Osaka, Japan, Hong Kong CN2, Singapore, and the US computer room, and can use all the discount codes 7E8VTIM2PD 20% discount

Second, test the IP address

Hong Kong KTO:

Third, Ping speed test

line Number of nodes Fastest node Slowest node Average response
whole one hundred and seven Guangdong Foshan Telecom (30CN.NET) 8.2 ms Shanghai BGP 182.4 ms 41.9 ms
China Unicom Line ten Guangdong Maoming (Unicom) 16.0ms Jilin Yanbian Unicom 62.7ms 36.8 ms
Telecommunication line fifty-six Guangdong Foshan Telecom (30CN.NET) 8.2 ms Urumqi, Xinjiang (Tianyi Cloud) 92.5ms 40.2ms
Mobile line six Guangzhou (Mobile) 10.3 ms Sichuan Deyang Mobile 93.1ms 46.6ms
Northeast China five Shenyang, Liaoning (Tianyi Cloud) 51.6ms Jilin Yanbian Unicom 62.7ms 58.6ms
North China seventeen Tianjin Unicom 38.3ms Zhengzhou, Henan (Tianyi Cloud) 64.8 ms 45.4 ms
Northwest China seven Shaanxi Xi'an Telecom (Tianyi Cloud Zone 1) 51.2ms Urumqi, Xinjiang (Tianyi Cloud) 92.5ms 65.7 ms
Southwest China fourteen Guiyang, Guizhou (Tianyi Cloud) 23.8 milliseconds Sichuan Deyang Mobile 93.1ms 45.3ms
Central China six Changsha, Hunan (Tianyi Cloud) 16.5ms Henan Zhengzhou Jing'an Network BGP 56.0ms 37.7ms
East China forty Zhejiang Hangzhou (Alibaba Cloud) 30.6 milliseconds Shanghai BGP 182.4 ms 43.6 ms
South China eighteen Guangdong Foshan Telecom (30CN.NET) 8.2 ms Guangdong Guangzhou BGP (Internet Harbor) 119.2ms 19.5ms
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