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Sort out some problems about GoDaddy email marketing products mass mailing

Since some customers of the company are engaged in foreign trade business, we all know that overseas users use mail more than our domestic users. We like instant messaging in China, including QQ, WeChat, or direct phone calls. Previously, I saw that Godaddy merchants provided email marketing services. Through the promotion, we can see that one of the packages can store 2500 email accounts and push 25000 emails every month. There may be many netizens who have the same understanding as me. We can use it for mass mailing. For example, first import 2500 users, and then delete the mailing list to import new users after pushing the email.

In fact, this operation is wrong. Laozuo found in the push test for customers that when we select a package, for example, there are 2500 users, we can only push marketing to these 2500 users. Even if you delete and re import a new email address, there is no way to push, and there will be various error prompts.

 Sort out some problems about GoDaddy email marketing products mass mailing

Laozuo here is not clear about the success rate, but Godaddy's email marketing product can only be used for subscription to foreign trade websites. It is not allowed to use speculation to delete or import users for mass mailing. So, I'm“ GoDaddy Email Mass Delivery Service (EDM) purchase and mass email setting process "It is wrong to mention in this article that it can be used for mass distribution.

Due to the cancellation of Tencent's subscription service function, there is no better third-party subscription service at present. This is not used by the old left. The customer has already bought it Godaddy Email Marketing Among them, there is a subscription definition service. I also added a user to subscribe to the website user's mail. I will also share an article later, which can be used by friends in need.

Generally, subscription services are used more for overseas websites, while domestic users use less email. They like instant messaging, so they are not recommended to use domestic websites, and of course they are not recommended to spend money to buy them.

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