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2018 Black Friday Namecheap Domain Name/Host/SSL/Email Promotion

Every year, among domain name registrars on Black Friday, Namecheap merchants will have certain promotional activities as always. However, most of the activities focus on domain name transfer and new registration. If we need to register a domain name or have another domain name registrar who needs renewal and is not afraid of the trouble of transfer, we can choose to follow the activities of Namecheap businesses during Black Friday this year.

At present, Lao Zuo has seen the promotion notice from the NC official website, but the specific form of the activity has not yet been released. Personally, I think that it is similar to previous years, there will be a time period of second kill activity. During the activity, after receiving the corresponding discount code, I will go to buy products such as qualified domain names or hosts, or domain name transfer.

 2018 Black Friday Namecheap Domain Name/Host/SSL/Email Promotion

First, the official website address of the event

Activity address:

The event will start at noon on November 23. The specific form of the activity is subject to the official reality. However, if we are ready to register a new domain name or have other registrars who need to enter, we can make preparations first. However, according to the past, it may not be allowed to transfer from NC and then transfer in, but Lao Zuo remembered that one year it was also allowed.

Second, the general details of the promotion

1. Up to 20% discount for domain names

According to the activities in recent years, the mainstream domain names of Namecheap businesses are not so strong because there are no activities from surrounding businesses, but it is still OK. After all, the Black Friday activities in these days can be registered to the regular. COM domain names we may need as long as we grasp the time period. At present, NC is also permanently exempt from privacy protection.

2. 30% discount for host

Although NC also has a virtual host, Lao Zuo has tested it before. The speed is as slow as you think. After all, people are facing overseas users. Even if our webmaster is used as a foreign trade website, it is not good. After all, we have to operate files, so we do not recommend choosing their home virtual host, although it is too cheap to refuse.

3. SSL Certificate Offer

If you need to pay for a certificate, you can choose an NC company. This time, there may be a large discount. Sometimes our commercial websites can't use free certificates, which seems to lack style.

4. Post Office Services

Businesses also have domain name post office services, but for individuals, Tencent domain name post office is also sufficient. If it is a foreign trade type, their home domain name post office can be considered. If the domain name post office is cheap enough at that time, Lao Zuo will also get one. Maybe not to use it, but to see the structure and configuration of the product, or there is no article to write.

In short, there must be Namecheap Black Five activities. If we are going to start with their domain names, SSL and other products, we can first prepare which domain names to register and which ones to transfer to.

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