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Using virt what to detect the virtualization mode of Linux VPS/server

When we purchase VPS and servers, merchants generally mark whether KVM, XEN, or even the virtualization mode of OPENVZ architecture is used. However, there are also some businesses that do not mark it, because some software programs can be installed and run only in specific virtual technology, so we still need to be clear. Of course, some businesses may tell us about a virtual technology. We are worried that they will cheat our users and check whether it is true (of course, ordinary businesses dare not).

Here we only need to install it in the Linux VPS/server virt-what Small tools can be checked out. Let's watch it together.

First virt-what install


yum install virt-what -y


apt install virt-what -y

 Virt what installation

Second, detect virtualization

 Using virt what to detect Linux VPS/server virtualization mode - Page 2

Here we can enter the script:


View the KVM architecture and input virt-what --version You can see which version it is.

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