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Tencent Cloud AMD CPU ECS performance speed vs. CVM server

At the beginning of July, Tencent Cloud launched a cloud server with AMD CPU“ Vouchers for new Tencent cloud users and the latest promotions "The article also introduced that the official data feedback should be that the sales are relatively good, or they have all been sold and taken off the shelves in such a short period of ten days. In fact, from the product point of view, the configuration of the CVM server is similar to what we have seen. Except for the CPU, other bandwidth and hard disk are basically the same.

The most attractive thing for users should be the price. The three-year plan of AMD CPU ECS only costs 600 yuan. Even if the bandwidth of 1Mbps is used to build personal websites and corporate websites, it is no problem. Compared with virtual hosts, it still has sufficient advantages. Although Lao Zuo also saw many netizens' complaints about AMD CPU, it is true that such price costs, business background, and large-scale projects may have problems, and the general use is cost-effective.

In this article, Lao Zuo simply experiences the simple parameters of this Tencent Cloud AMD CPU ECS and compares it with the traditional CVM server to see how many differences there are. In fact, we can't see much difference from the data, but it is mainly for actual use, and we can't see the difference for general small projects.

First, configuration information



Second, PING speed test

 PING speed test

The PING speed is basically the same. As long as the machine room is the same, there is no big difference.

Third, download speed test

Fourth, run score test

 Running score test

V. Summary

In fact, all the so-called evaluation information is just to look at the current performance parameters. The actual application value needs to be experienced in actual use. However, this kind of basic configuration can only be used in ordinary projects and websites. If it is used for ordinary personal blog foundation, it will be enough. Other projects on a large scale will certainly be insufficient.

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