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Windows VPS Tutorial Series 6: Installing IIS and Site Environment Configuration

Before, Lao Zuo had bought overseas Windows VPS It is used to write tutorials. Because most of the WIN VPS systems are installed in 2003, there are still some differences between some icons and our local XP system. That is to say, Lao Zuo thinks that the local XP system is not realistic enough for screenshots and tutorials. Finally, I bought a Telcom VPS to write it. I can only say that it is used to write tutorials. I feel that it is really rubbish to use it, as everyone said. What's wrong? I'll share an article later if I have a chance Windows VPS Of Install IIS And site environment configuration.

The first step is to log in to our WIN VPS remotely. Start Settings Control Panel


Step 2: Select "Add/Remove Programs" - "Add/Remove WIN Components", and the "Windows Component Wizard" will pop up


The third step is to select "Application Server". You can click "Details" to see whether IIS has been selected. Generally, IIS has been selected.


If you need to install it NET environment, you can also check to install together.

The fourth step is quite easy, step by step. If you have installed IIS environment locally, all your friends will. During this period, we will jump out several times and need to choose the path. I use the pure version. The system has its own original installation files. You can directly choose the path to install. If our system is not built in, we need to download an IIS component on the Internet and use it.

Step 5: After the installation, the basic IIS environment has been completed, but we need to use the ASP script, which is not started under the default IIS. We need to start.


In Control Panel - Management Tools - Internet Information Services - Web Service Extension, you can see that Acticve server pages on the right are forbidden. After selecting them, you can see "Allow" on the left and start them.

Step 6, we also need to start the parent path. This was encountered during the previous site construction. Some programs must start the parent path to run. No matter what program we use in the future, there is no mistake in starting it first.


Or in Internet Information Services - Website, right-click Properties. In the "Home Directory", click "Configuration" to see the figure above, and start the check of the parent path. Other website properties, such as the name of the homepage, can also be set in the "Document" property.

In this way, through the above six steps, you can basically install IIS and complete the basic site settings. We can start to set up the site later.

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