【 PC 】 12306 Diverting Ticket Seizing Magic Weapon

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Bypass - developed based on the. Net4.0 framework, the operating system after Windows 7 can be opened directly
If other operating systems cannot be opened or an error is reported, you need to install Microsoft NET Framework 4.0。
You can also install the in the folder - if you can't open it, please install. exe. If you have installation problems, you can try to install. NET 4.6
The Log folder is a log file with a period of one day
The Music folder is the prompt tone for grabbing tickets. If it is empty, the default will be used. For customization, just drag in the music restart software (supporting common formats such as MP3/wav)

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I. Free principle
No fees will be charged for the release and use of 12306Bypass. Refuse any person or entity to sell, and prohibit the use for commercial profit;

II. Harmless principle
No one is allowed to use 12306Bypass to buy tickets on behalf of others at a higher price or to resell tickets in violation of the regulations of the Ministry of Railways, otherwise please consciously stop using 12306Bypass;

III. Disclaimer principle
Diversion and ticket grabbing (12306Bypass) is free of charge, not sold through any channel, and does not benefit from cooperation with any party. If you use 12306Bypass on illegal occasions without knowing the author, the author will not bear any responsibility arising therefrom;

IV. Nontoxic principle
The author guarantees that the published extension, diversion and ticket grabbing (12306Bypass) is completely harmless and does not contain any harmful code, but does not guarantee that any third party will tamper with the version. Please note
Author: Cheney breeze
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