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Yes, as the title says, in the last two days, I used my free time in the evening,
He also migrated his blog from Hexo to WordPress,
Although I don't have many articles, it took me almost three hours to finish them,
A headache is that it has been one year since the blog was switched from WordPress to Hexo in 18 years,
During this period, some article links are also generated according to the title,
For example, article links
And this,   Etc
It's very painful to deal with, Originally thought settle a matter by leaving it unsettled,
But considering that the search engine and other site article references may jump back,
The impact is not very good. The transition processing has been done temporarily. The old link will jump to the new URL.
The diss used for comments cannot be exported. It's a pity. Let's try again later,

There should be nothing else. The articles and pictures are hosted on my map bed, and there is no need to consider static resource migration,
The blog theme still uses the previous KRATOS and friendship links. It is estimated that the next page will be redesigned,
That's about it.


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  • Rain falls and withers

    I used to think this one was good, but now I don't want to change it. It's too troublesome

    November 16, 2019
    • Gcod

      @Rain falls and withers I'm too lazy to bother

      November 19, 2019