How to enable private DNS over HTTPS (DoH) for Windows10

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The Doh used has many advantages. You can understand whether to prevent the DNS hijacking of operators or to prevent the disclosure of online privacy. There is no need to explain it here. Let's read it down.

Now, the new version of win11 has native support for DOH, which is very simple to use. You can refer to In this article of Home, just enable DoH

If you are a win10 user or don't want to use the built-in DNS service of win11, such as using the self built DNS service or providing DNS services for other computers in the local area network, is there any simple way? Yes, there is

We can use this program provided by cloudflare. The detailed steps are as follows:

First, click Download to install the cloudflare daemon (of course, there is Packaged program , download directly),

After the download is completed, you do not need to configure YAML. You can start it directly with cmd. The DNS of cloudflare is used. By default, you listen to localhost: 53 port

To test whether it is effective, execute nslookup in the new cmd window,

If you don't want to use cloudflare dns To set other upstream DNS, just specify the -- upstream parameter

For example: cloudflared.exe proxy dns -- upstream

Test whether it is effective, or directly use nslookup vv1234. cn to check whether the correct resolution record can be obtained,

The following figure shows the analysis results of a world-famous search engine. It can be seen that the IP address can be returned correctly,

At the same time, you can use the DNS of the operator or the DNS of other major domestic manufacturers as a comparison test,

Check the resolution result to see the IP ownership, and determine whether the returned result is abnormal.

In order to facilitate the use of small partners with such needs, the files described above have been packaged and shared,

After downloading, you need to manually modify the DNS-Server.bat file

Change the path of the executable cloudflared.exe to your actual file storage directory and then execute it,

The program will hide the running, otherwise the cmd window will be open all the time, affecting the appearance. If the program needs to be started, it will start automatically

You can put the batch file or file shortcut into the startup directory of the start menu. The path is as follows:

%programdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.

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