Cracking Unicom Broadband Restriction Routing Access

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China Unicom has been making troubles again recently

A picture is attached:

It's really annoying to plug you in from time to time

(It's really outrageous to buy a boxed lunch and restrict you to eat.)

China Unicom will not comment on this behavior for the time being, which is fair and comfortable

The method of cracking is very simple. My method is to bypass the routing detection vulnerability of China Unicom

It is speculated that Unicom may detect the routing IP of the conventional network segment, such as 192.168. X. X

Let's go the other way and use another network segment, and then it's much quieter

Although it is unknown when Unicom will upgrade the detection mechanism, at least it has not yet failed

Please refer to the picture for specific implementation steps:


Of course, the above content is just the nonsense of the blogger. How can people and state-owned enterprises do such unscrupulous things!

After all, China Unicom is not short of users (it is compulsory to apply for a broadband card and consume something; in addition, it is not possible to use a router. If the university dormitory wants to access the Internet, each person should apply for a card first, and each person should have an account, which is known as the network real name system;...)

This calculation can increase a large number of high-quality users in colleges and universities. Anyway, as long as your mobile phone card is in arrears, you will be disconnected. The package is expensive? Don't use it too expensive

Then the policy of China Unicom will remain unchanged, and the flowers of the motherland will be stuck year after year

In any case, they have a big business and monopolize the northern broadband market. No matter how you speak, no one will pay attention to this kind of thing

Even if it is solved for you, someone will have this problem again. This is the national condition.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is welcome to report


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