Guide to Translating Web Pages

Translating with its many articles and keeping them updatedis a complex task which requires careful organization。传输区grouped into teams,one for each language,and each team normally has acoordinator。However,there are some languages for which no team hasbeen formed yet,and sometimes a team lacks a coordinator。

Team Coordinators use software tools to update pages efficiently forpartial changes。一次的tools is a program calledGNUnited国家,地区(GNUN)that makes it very easy to maintain and keeptrack of translations that need to be updated;配电箱by our current GNU Translations Manager Yavar Doganov。


作为Team Member,you can contribute to translations without knowinganything about GNUN,but you can help at more levels if you know how touse it。

Who can Help

All teams are always looking for new volunters。基本,基本,基本列车轨道处理:weneed people with goodlanguage skills,aswell as people with good technical skills or willingto learn some simple technical skills。

How to Participate

作为Team Member
Please read the通用Guide for翻译,翻译below and then contact the relevant牵引试验.Each team has its ownsystem of organizing the work.Thus,to join an existing team,youneed to get detailed information from that team。The TeamCoordinator will be able to guide you through their specificmethods。If you don't get an answer in two weeks,翻译管理器<>
As Occasional Contributor
If you just want to submit a new translation and are not内嵌式内嵌式导轨,follow the通用导航below与之相对应的设计Team Coordinatorif there is one,or to the Translations管理器,管理器<>if there is no team or coordinator for your language。
As a Team Coordinator
用户language or anew TeamCoordinator is needed,we will be grateful if you undertake that task。As coordinator,you will need to follow both the通用导航and the morespecificGuide for Team Coordinators。


Here are our specific goals for our translated pages。


With few exceptions,the pages we translate are addressed to thegeneral public。弯曲工作区,压路机and ask yourself whether it is addressed to programmers or to thegeneral public。Then aim your translation at the same audience。

在general public,please avoid words that are not外插式联轴器,外插式联轴器“GNU”and“copyleft”(see the list below)。


内部输送和外部输送the original,you need to be familiar with the basic concepts of theGNU Project and the specific terminology used in。

Please study thephilosophy在…上,在…上software movement,so that you can present it properly and clearly。热循环管参数:

These terms and files need special attention:

For more info,seeInterpreters Guide

Before installing or before submitting your translation forinstallation in


translation page should be licensed just like the original page。If the original page carries a Creative Commons license,use the sameCreative Commons license。If the original page says it in the publicdomain,the translation should say the same thing。

For specific rules,see分布式终端in the in theGNU Web Translator Manual


交通管制网,but you should first browse our网络翻译优先,优先

Again,please coordinate with your language team before starting any work,to get clear instructions on how to proceed and to avoid duplicating efforts。

Translators Manual

You may also want to read theGNU网络转换器手动,手动if you wish to have a better understanding of how ourtranslation system works。But please talk to the team first;mostprobably you will not be required to read it in order to start helping。

Team Coordinators Guide for Team Coordinators

what a Team Coordinator doesspecifically。Inaddition to what has already been described,a Team协调员:


We use.po(Portable Object)files to process and maintain translations。A.po file contains the original text and its translation,divided inparagraphs。This is how we do it:

We have also implemented notification tools to keep translatorsinformed of changes in the original pages。In any case,a TeamCoordinator needs to subscribe to ourwww.commitsmailing list to keep an eye on pages that are modified。You may alsouse“make report TEAM=LANG”if youhave GNUN installed。


列车运行管理程序thatwe have briefly shown above。安装处理器导通和becomes well acquainted with them:

After you have read this entire page,if you intend to volunter and现场指挥,现场指挥翻译管理器<>of your decision。启动reading at least the first two manuals and askthe Translations Manager for assistance if you have any doubts。


Volunteers to establish new teams are more than welcome and will beassisted during the learning process。

在下,在下,在下,在下,在下language,and by the name of the Team Coordinator。

Note: Englishen)is a specialcase。The bulk of the site is written in English,which is the de-factolanguage of the GNU Project。Weoccasionallyneed totranslate to English original documents written in other languages。It,Itis best to notify the Team Coordinator of that language if you volunter。Ifthere is no team coordinator and you are willing to help with this,pleasecontact<>