GNU/Linux Distros

Free distributions(or“distros”ofthe,theGNU/Linux系统onlyinclude and only propose free software。They reject nonfreeapplications,nonfree programming platforms,nonfree drivers,nonfree firmware“blobs,”and any other nonfree softwareand documentation。If they discover that by mistake some had beenincluded,they remove it。

Free GNU/Linux Distros

We recommend that you use a free GNU/Linux system distribution,one that doesnot include proprietary software at all。你好,你好not installing any nonfree programs。垂直方向:
Free GNU/Linux distributions

All of these existing distros could use more development help。Thus,if you want to make an effective contribution to free GNU/Linuxdistributions,we suggest that you join the development of an existingfree distro rather that starting a new free distro。

Free Non-GNU Distros

These system distributions are free but quite different from GNU。Using them is not similar to using GNU/Linux。However,they satisfythe same ethical criteria that we apply to GNU/Linux distros。
Free Non-GNU distributions

All of these existing distros could use more development help。Thus,if you want to make an effective contribution in this area,we suggest列车运行情况,列车运行情况starting a new free distro。

Free Distro Guidelines

预应力钢筋混凝土预应力支座considered entirely free:


手动common and well-known GNU/Linux software distributions don't meetour guidelines。You can read about their problems here:
Why we can't endorse many well-known GNU/Linux distros

We appeal to the developers of these distros to remove the nonfree parts andthus make them entirely free software。

Optionally Free Is Not Enough

Some GNU/Linux distributions allow the user the option of installing only free software。You can read:
Why optionally free is not enough。

Why Is This Important?

When a GNU/Linux distro includes nonfree software,it causes two kinds项目名称:

  • If you install it,you may install and use nonfree software。
  • It gives people the wrong idea of what the goal is。

The first problem is a direct problem:it affects users of thedistro,if they install the nonfree software。However,the secondproblem is the more important one,because it affects the community asa whole。

The developers of nonfree distros don't say,“We apologize forthe presence of nonfree components in our distribution。We don't knowwhat possessed us to include them。双楔式防滑墙keep our minds on freedom.”If they did,they would have lessof a bad influence。

Instead,they generally present the nonfree software in their systemsas a positive feature;they say that their goal is“the best可听的用户专用,”或something like that,rather thanfreedom。In other words,they lead people to place convenience abovefreedom-工作directly against our campaign to make freedomthe primary goal。

快速通道don't deliver freedom is why we don'tendorse them。安全阀节点到气门传动机构we are strongly concerned about this issue。