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 Some teams are wary of recruiting Owen this summer

Some teams are wary of recruiting Owen this summer

On May 19, Beijing time, according to the Boston Herald, although Carey Owen is still a very popular player in the off-season free agent market this year, he has been playing an important role in the off-season free agent market

nine hundred and eighty-four 2019-05-22

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  1. Michael blairard suffered a rib injury in G2 and has been fighting with injuries ever since

    On May 19, Beijing time, according to the athletic reporter shams charania, Damian Lillard has been fighting wounded since World War II. The reporter reported on twitter that Lillard injured his rib in the third quarter of World War II in the Western Conference finals, causing the rib to break away

    Zblog house one thousand and sixty-two three 2020-01-14

  2. For three years in a row, Gerber: team help is indispensable

    On May 23, Beijing time, according to clutchpoint, jazz center Rudy gobel has been selected for the best lineup for the third consecutive year, and he still hopes to win the defensive player of the year award. For the affirmation he got, goebbel first humbly attributed it to the team. Gobel said

    Blog eight hundred and ninety-three three 2019-05-30

  3. Cousins: the second injury, a panic, but a quick recovery

    So far, the media have been reporting on the 25 minutes since the start of the Beijing bay area center. The finals are about to start, and koshins is one step closer to his comeback. Today, koshins participated in the first full training after the injury, he said

    Zblog house eight hundred and seventy one 2019-05-30

  4. Green: I used to complain that too many referees looked disgusting

    On May 20, Beijing time, at the press conference after the G3 match, warriors forward Drummond Green said he had complained about too many referees. "Sometimes I get technical fouls on purpose, and I feel like 'OK, I need to get emotional, maybe I'll get a technical foul'," Green said

    Zblog house six hundred and seventy-eight zero 2019-05-29

  5. Refused 0-3 small card, got 8 points in the second overtime, led the team to escape

    The first game of the eastern game ruined the good situation, the second game suffered a tragic defeat, the Raptors' morale has fallen to the bottom, they urgently need a home win to maintain the hope to advance to the finals. Coway Leonard is the hope to lead the Raptors out of their predicament. The Bucks had a very long 48 minutes, very strong. The first half of the small card

    Zblog house seven hundred and one two 2019-05-29

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