• Execute 18.5 million options Crabbe will continue to stay in the Nets next season

    On May 4, Beijing time, according to ESPN reporter Woj, the Nets guard Aaron Crabbe chose to execute the player option of $18.5 million next season to continue playing for the team. Crabbe has been plagued by injuries this season. He has had problems with his ankle and knee. He only played 4 games intermittently for the Nets

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  • 9 career records of three point draw Kuri wins the game with three point rain

    Durant is absent due to injury, the Warriors team is still strong, and Shuihua Brothers take over the game. Curry feels really good today. The Blazers are not good at preventing pick and roll, and Curry can get a comfortable shot opportunity simply by taking cover. He never relented, especially in the second and third quarters. He scored three 3-pointers respectively, and the difference between them was widened to

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  • Ade 18+13 De Rozan 14 points The Spurs beat the Cavaliers away

    On April 8, Beijing time, the NBA regular season continued. The Cleveland Cavaliers played San Antonio Spurs at home. The Spurs established a double-digit lead in the second quarter and maintained it until the end. They eventually defeated the Cavaliers 112-90, giving their opponents nine consecutive defeats. In this game, Aldrich had 18 points and 13 rebounds

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  • The beginning broke out, and the future was sluggish. George tried his best to save the defeat

    Back to the first game at home, although Thunder pulled back one city, the protagonist of that game was not Paul George. In the whole game, he made 3 of 16 shots and 2 of 7 shots outside the three-point line, only 22 points. Thunder can win by the team's sense of three points of separation. In this game, George is eager to find his shooting sense and leads the team to equalize the big score

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  • Bobo: We will try to keep Guy this summer. He is very important to us

    On May 3, Beijing time, according to the San Antonio News Express, Spurs coach Greg Popovich said in an interview recently that they will try their best to keep forward Rudy Gay this summer. In July this year, Guy, now 32 years old, will officially resume his freedom and join the free agent market. “...

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  • The best lineup of rookies: the top five ranked players

    On May 22, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced the best lineup of this rookie. The best lineup of NBA rookies is voted by 100 media people around the world. The media voted for five temporary seats and five double seats, with no limit to the seats on the court. Players receive two points for each ballot, and receive two points for each ballot

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  • Rocket boss: Failure to pay luxury tax is an accident, and he is willing to do his best to win the championship

    On May 18, Beijing time, Rockets boss Tilman Feldita gave an interview to Houston Chronicle reporter Jonathan Feigen. In the interview, Feldita responded to the outside world's doubts about his unwillingness to pay the luxury tax for the team. "It's an accident that we didn't pay the luxury tax this season," said Feldita

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  • Li guided the revival of "one person, one city" until the age of 34

    After Harden and Weishao renewed their contracts with their respective teams until 2023, Li also chose to hand over the whole peak period to the selected city. After being swept out of the game by the Warriors, the Trailblazer kept on opening a new contract with him. If the four-year $191 million top salary contract comes into effect, Lillard will expand

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  • The strongest Ku Chui Iguodala: always considered the second place in the history of Kuli

    On May 22, Beijing time, Athletic reported that the match against the Trailblazers was a series of events in which Stephen Curry proved himself again. With Durant injured and missing the whole round, Curry averaged 36.5 points, 8.3 rebounds and 7.3 assists, leading the team to sweep the opponent. With Clippers, Fire

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  • Teammates are sluggish and can't move Middleton. It's hard to find a free cut

    Bucks' strong bench depth once covered up Middleton's mediocrity in this year's playoffs. As the only all-star around Brother Alphabet, Michael did not play as he should. In the last game, he made 3 of 16 shots, and the target fell to the bottom. In the fourth game, he finally recovered and scored the highest 30 points in the game

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