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  • Humorous response to contract renewal Bobo: negotiating with three teams

    On April 30, Beijing time, According to ESPN, with the expiration of his contract this summer, many people are worried about whether Popovich, 70, will end his career. At the team's summary meeting, Bobo revealed that he was negotiating a new contract with the Spurs. Bobo said humorously: "I am negotiating, and there are three options:

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  • Bobo: We will try to keep Guy this summer. He is very important to us

    On May 3, Beijing time, according to the San Antonio News Express, Spurs coach Greg Popovich said in an interview recently that they will try their best to keep forward Rudy Gay this summer. In July this year, Guy, now 32 years old, will officially resume his freedom and join the free agent market. “...

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  • 18 points in a single quarter Lopez: We have a variety of attacks

    On March 10, Beijing time, the Bucks defeated the Hornets 131-114 at home, ushering in two consecutive victories. In this game, Brother Alphabet contributed 26 points, 13 rebounds and 6 assists, and Brooke Lopez scored 25 points and 8 rebounds. Their excellent performance ensured the team's 50th victory of this season, which was also a

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  • Walker scored 32 points, Randall scored 34+11, the Hornets beat the Pelican

    On April 4, Beijing time, the Hornets defeated the Pelican 115-109 away from home, stopping a three game losing streak. Walker scored 21 points in the fourth quarter, scoring 32 points and 7 assists, Kaminski scored 21 points and 6 rebounds, Lamb scored 12.3 to steal, and Yongbo scored 7.9 rebounds; Pelican suffered two consecutive defeats, Randall scored 34 points

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  • Parker exposes himself or retires: only 50% chance of returning to the league

    On April 12, Beijing time, according to the Charlotte Observer, as the Charlotte Hornets failed to qualify for the playoffs this season, French veteran Tony Parker's record of entering the playoffs for 17 consecutive years came to an abrupt end. After yesterday's game, Parker said that his probability of returning to the league next season was only 50%. “...

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  • Top 50 NBA Stars

    107 championship rings, more than 400 all-star entries, nearly 1 million points! This is the wonderful performance made by the top 50 NBA stars in history. They are composed of some media, former players and coaches, some current and former general managers, and some relevant team managers

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  • Enbid Suffers from Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Can Fight G5

    On May 8, Beijing time, it was reported by TSN that Philadelphia 76er center Joel Enbid missed the team's training earlier today due to upper respiratory tract infection. Whether he can play in the fifth game of today's series is also unknown. In addition to upper respiratory tract infection, Enbid has been suffering from various injuries during the eastern semi-finals

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  • It is revealed that the Lakers are trying to sign Talen Luvogel or become an assistant coach

    On May 8, Beijing time, according to Yahoo Sports, the Los Angeles Lakers are trying to reach an agreement with Tyrone Lu to make him the 27th coach in the history of the Lakers. However, Lu has not officially accepted the team's offer, and the two sides will still discuss the details of the contract. According to the latest report, the Lakers just want to play for Tyrant Lu

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  • The whole team is lost, but Lillard cannot speak out, calling for support

    On May 8, Beijing time, Portland Trailblazers challenged Denver Nuggets in the G5 away game of the second round series. The battle of Mount Tianwang cannot be lost, but the Denver Plateau is the devil's home for any team, and it is not easy for the pioneers to play a triumphant song. But Lillard, who steps up the Denver Plateau with his head held high, has nothing to do with it

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  • Feel warm, Crawford light shines on Mount Tianwang

    On May 9, Beijing time, the Warriors' home court and the Rockets ushered in the battle of Mount Tianwang. In the last game, Clay made five of his 15 shots and one of his six three-point shots. His poor shooting touch was mocked by the fans as "Tie Guanyin who can't open the bubble". In this battle, Clay is eager to regain his touch and win the key game for the team. In the first quarter, Klein

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