Only theory is left for promotion. Maybe the loser will follow the same path again

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On May 19, Beijing time, the Trail Blazers lost again to the Warriors at home, and the opponent won the match point of the Western showdown. The pioneer's leading star Damian Lillard had a bad feeling in this game. Only 5 of the 18 shots in the game had 19 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists.

The day before yesterday, in the Bay Area, the Blazers once held a good situation in the first half. Only a slight relaxation in the third quarter, they were caught up by the Warriors and finally reversed. This also requires the Portland people to keep their concentration at all times when returning to the home court, so that they can have the opportunity to avoid falling into a dead end.


As the leader of the pioneers, Lillard naturally set an example first. From the very beginning of the game, Li showed a tough attitude. First, he opened the scoring account for the team with a super far three points while the Warriors were not stable, and then saw the other side's defense step by step. He immediately changed his strategy, began to use his personal ability to frequently hit the basket, and steadily increased his points with free throws.

Although with the deepening of the game, Lillard was once again trapped in the strict defense of the Warriors and did little in the second quarter, with the excellent play of the substitute, the Blazers still firmly occupied the initiative in the first half like G2. After the half-time battle, the Blazers had already established a 13 point lead.

This scene must be familiar to all of you, because in the last game, the Blazers had a double-digit lead over the Warriors in the first half, but the final result was that the Warriors only used one quarter to catch up and finally reversed. Although in an interview before the game, Lillard warned the team to keep up their spirits and not let the Warriors have a chance to take advantage of it, as for today's second half performance, they obviously failed to learn from the last defeat. The two sides changed sides and fought again. All the pioneers suddenly lost their temper. In the third quarter, only 13 points were earned. In contrast, the warriors blossomed in many places and climaxed repeatedly. After a wave of 29-13, the warriors copied the magic of G2, and once again filled the double-digit pit with only one quarter.

When the last quarter came back, the Blazers' attack still did not improve, and the Warriors took the advantage of the situation to gradually open the score. Although Lillard had not given up his efforts and actively tried to help the team recover from the decline on the outside, the Warriors' defense was too tight. In the second half of the last quarter, Lillard finally felt that he had scored two and three points in a row, but it did not help.

Another defeat at home means that it is only theoretically possible for the Trailblazers to surpass the Warriors. But as for Lillard, who is known for his self-confidence, as long as he can play, he will certainly try his best to fight with his opponent as always. But it is one thing to be ambitious, and another thing to be able to do it. If you want to really avoid being swept by the Warriors, He must be like what he showed when facing Thunder in the first round. At least for now, he has not found the breakthrough of the Warriors' defense.

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