Curry 36+6 Green's triple pair warriors beat the pioneers to win the match point

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On May 19, Beijing time, there was another match in the Western China finals. The Warriors beat the Trailblazers 110-99 away, changing the big score of the series to 3-0. Warriors Curry 36 points 6 rebounds, Green 20 points 13 rebounds 12 assists, Thompson 19 points 5 rebounds 5 assists; The Blazers had 23 points and 5 assists for McClarm, 19 points and 6 rebounds for Lillard, and 16 points and 4 assists for Miles Leonard.

Star of the game: Green sent the seventh triple double in the playoffs. Curry is a sharp blade for the Warriors to conquer the city, and Green is the engine of the team's tactical system. In this game, Green's fast attack and sharp long pass became the key components of the Warriors' counterattack. Green was able to accomplish his task well both in attack and passing. He also played the role of coach on the field in the game, constantly encouraging his teammates. In the three quarters of the game, Green has reached a triple double, which is his seventh time to win a triple double in the playoffs, ranking ninth in the history of the playoffs.


Game review: Warriors made efforts to reverse the pioneers in the second half

In this game, Damian Jones, who replaced Bogut in the first round, lost three fouls in the first three minutes and was replaced by Luni. The Trailblazers started with great momentum. Lillard and McLum opened fire one after another to lead the team to a 15-5 start. Green caused Leonard to interfere with the ball and hit 2+1. Thompson also stole Aminu's layup in the front court and helped the Warriors stop bleeding. After going through a stalemate, in the second half of this section, Curry regained his touch. He not only scored three points, but also made a steady hit in the middle distance. Under the guidance of Curry, the Warriors kept closing the gap. As Curry made two penalties for fouls before the end of this section, the Warriors fell behind by 27-29 after the first quarter.

Back in the next quarter, Jordan Bell's successful attack helped the Warriors recover the score to 29. However, in the following time, the Warriors' attack was cut off again, and the Trailblazers hit a wave of 16-3 attacks. After Turner scored three points, the Trailblazers took a 45-32 lead. The Warriors saw the situation was not good. In the middle of this section, Kuri was replaced by Cute, who hit a three-point hit immediately after his debut, but the Blazers' offensive continued. The team's internal and external blossoming made the Warriors' defense ignore one thing and lose another. When Seth Kuri stole three points from his brother's counter attack in 2:28 seconds in this section, the Blazers' lead reached 18 points. At the end of this section, the Warriors failed to further expand the difference. Green stepped forward to continuously attack the restricted area for points. At the end of the half court, the Warriors fell behind 53-66. This is the second time in the Cole era that he has fallen behind by at least 13 points in two consecutive games in the playoffs.

In the second half, the two teams fought again on the other side. In the first four minutes of this section, the two teams formed a tug of war. After Miles Leonard hit three points, the Blazers led by 73-59. However, after that, the Warriors set off a tidal wave of counter attacks. They played a wave of 18-3 attacks in 6:14 seconds. When Green assisted Luni to get a layup, the Warriors overtook him 77-76, which was their first lead in the game. Turner then hit a jumper to help the Blazers regain the lead, but Curry then scored 5 points to help the Warriors lead 82-79 at the end of the third quarter. In this section of the game, the Warriors hit a 29-13 opponent.

In the last quarter, Zach Collins hit three points, and the Trailblazer tied the score to 82. However, in the following time, the Warriors launched a 16-5 offensive. After McKinny and Curry hit three points in the middle of this section, the Warriors led by 98-87. After that, the pioneers were weak in chasing points. Finally, the Warriors kept their lead and defeated their opponents 110-99, leading 3-0 in total to get match point.

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