Cousins: the second injury, a panic, but a quick recovery

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On May 24, Beijing time, bay area media reported that since the first round played 25 minutes, warriors center demakus kausins has been suspended because of quadriceps injury. The finals are about to start, and koshins is one step closer to his comeback.

"I feel very good, much better than before. I can run and jump on the court and play mild games. I'm in a much better position now," he said

The first half of the season has been injured, the playoffs began to hurt again, is a heavy blow to everyone. "It's been a crazy season and I'm happy to be where I am now. If I have a chance to play, I'll make the most of it," said cousins


"I don't say I can't, but it depends on the development of the game, the opposition and his health. I have to see how he recovers, and now I have to say that it's not settled yet."

Kausins admits, I had panic after the second injury "After the diagnosis came out, I went through a few days of depression, anger and depression, and then recovered. I told myself that it was time to go back to training and start over again. Adversity always makes you stronger. A torn Achilles tendon is one of my darkest moments, and my attitude towards this injury is very strong. It's not that it is easy to deal with, but I have a better mentality.

Durant and Corzine couldn't fight, the warriors still made it to the finals. For the fighting effectiveness of his teammates, koshins expressed his appreciation: "this is a special team, we have experienced low ebbs and blows, but we can always find ourselves and win, which is very encouraging."

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