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  • Lopez: we have many ways to attack

    The same day Coway Leonard scored 45 points in Toronto, the Spurs' season came to an abrupt end. Popovich, 70, finished his 23rd season in charge of the Spurs. It suddenly dawned on people that the old man's contract was about to expire in the summer. Popovich last renewed his contract with G in 2014

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  • Malone: it's not Jokic's fault to lose. He or the best big one

    Beijing time on May 13, the Nuggets home 96-100 snatches seven losses to the Blazers, this season's journey to an abrupt end. For the first time in his career, Nuggets star Nikolai yokic's performance has been brilliant enough. He can score 24.8 points, 13.0 rebounds and 8.9 assists per game

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  • Clay: Adu is eager to return, and we can feel his energy

    On May 16, Beijing time, the Mercury News reported that the warriors will reassess Kevin Durant's injured calf to determine his recovery before the second game of the Western game with the Blazers. Although Adu's injured warriors won both games, his teammates are still eager for him to return. Thompson said

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  • The letter brother 24 + 14 kills his way to Longtan without fear

    On May 16, Beijing time, the Bucks ushered in the first battle with the Raptors in the East. The first round against the green army, the Bucks only need five games to pass easily, but the smooth sailing in the second round did not affect the Bucks star Janis ante to Kunbo's cognition of the eastern opponent

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  • Nine three point draw career record

    Durant is out of the game because of injury, the warriors are still strong, and the water brothers take over the game. Curry feels great today. The trailblazers didn't work well in defense, and Curie could get comfortable shooting opportunities by simply taking cover. He is not soft, especially in the second and third quarter, respectively, three three-point shot, the difference opened to

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  • Last section reverse letter brother: this kind of game is good for us

    On May 16, Beijing time, the Bucks beat Raptors 108-100 at home, ushering in a good start to the East. The Bucks had a slow start. In the first quarter, the Bucks were two digits behind their opponents, and they were in a passive catch-up situation most of the time. But at the end of the season, they wake up like a dream, single section play a wave of 32 -

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  • NBA50 superstar

    107 championship rings, more than 400 All-Star entries, nearly 1 million points! That's what the top 50 stars in NBA history have done for us, including some media, former players and coaches, some current and former general managers, and some related team managers

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  • Adelain 18 + 13, Derozan 14 points, the Spurs beat the Cavaliers away

    Beijing time on April 8, the NBA regular season continued, Cleveland Cavaliers home against the San Antonio Spurs, the Spurs established a double-digit lead in the second quarter and maintained it to the end, finally beat the Cavaliers 112-90, giving the opponent nine consecutive losses. This game, Aldrich 18 points, 13 rebounds

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  • George tried his best to pull out the defeat after the start broke out

    Back to the first game at home, although Oklahoma City, but the protagonist of that game is not Paul George. In the whole game, he made 3-out of 16 shots and 2-for-7 out of the three-point line, only 22 points. Thunder can win, rely on the team's sense of three points. This game, George is eager to find the shooting feeling, lead the team to level the big score

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  • Bobo: we will try to keep guy this summer. He's very important to us

    San Antonio News Express reported on May 3 that spurs coach Greg Popovich said in an interview recently that they would try their best to keep forward Rudy Gay this summer. In July this year, the 32 year old guy will officially return to the free agent market. “...

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