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  • A group of stars were suppressed by the second battle and lost three games in a row

    In the best lineup announced in the early morning of this year, the letter brother pressed Leonard and Durant into a burst. And a few hours later in the playoffs in Tianwang mountain, Leonard with injuries to give letter brother a good lesson. Compared with two small card's 35 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists, the letter brother's performance completely fell into the underhand. The game begins

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  • The grand final schedule starts in Toronto on May 31

    Beijing time on May 26, Toronto Raptors in the eastern finals of the sixth game in 100-94 strength Milwaukee Bucks, team history for the first time to advance to the finals, so that the finals against both sides and the schedule are determined, as follows: Game 1: May 31, 9:00 Raptors vs Warriors (Duolun

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  • Don't worry about losing 14 points at the beginning Leonard: not afraid of falling behind

    Beijing time May 24, Toronto Raptors 105-99 away to reverse the Milwaukee Bucks, pull three games after the total score back to 3-2, to get the match point. Leonard played well, scoring 35 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists. Raptors overcome the opening 14 points behind the pit, reverse took a key win

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  • Dream: it's strange not to see LeBron in the finals

    On May 25, Beijing time, according to the outdoor stand, there was no warriors vs. LeBron in the last finals. Now warriors forward Drummond green knows that he needs to face a new opponent on the way to the championship. "When you find out you're going to face a complete

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  • Bucks are preferred to renew their contract with Lopez due to limited salary space

    On May 27, Beijing time, the Milwaukee Bucks failed in the Eastern Conference finals and stopped singing all the way. Although they failed to break out of the Eastern Conference, the Bucks still performed well this season. They won 60-22 in the regular season and ranked first in the league

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  • Lack of KD is still popular, odds are good warriors to achieve three consecutive titles

    On May 27, Beijing time, according to ESPN, Las Vegas gambling companies have offered the odds of the finals, in which the Warriors - 320 are one-sided ahead of the Raptors + 260. They are optimistic about the warriors' success in defending their titles and achieving three consecutive titles. Another company offered - 275 odds for warriors, but shortly after the opening

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  • Igordala: full recovery is coming to an end

    On May 26, Beijing time, warriors Player Andre igordala was interviewed by the media. Here are the details: Q: how do you feel about your physical condition? Andre igordala: good Q: are you back to 100%? AI: Yes, Q: G1 failed in the finals

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  • Bucks' off season Outlook: free agent and salary space

    For the Milwaukee Bucks, this off-season basketball decision will be crucial. Despite a $73 million guaranteed contract and free agent Middleton and Brogden's rights to renew their contracts, the rest of the players, excluding bradeso and the alphabet, are likely to suffer from financial considerations and wage cap restrictions this summer

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  • Round table: who is the best in the division finals?

    After the division finals, Golden State Warriors swept the Trail Blazers 4-0 and entered the finals for the fifth consecutive year. The Toronto Raptors beat the Trail Blazers 4-0 in a row, and the Toronto Raptors made it to the finals for the first time in history. Let's review this round of division finals. Which player is the best? Which scene is most impressive

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  • George's sore right shoulder may miss the first game of the playoffs

    On April 13, Beijing time, thunder forward Paul George may miss the first game of the playoffs because of a sore right shoulder. Thunder coach Billy Donovan said in an interview that George will be included in the daily watch list. George was absent from the game in early March because of a sore right shoulder. In addition, his left shoulder also had some questions

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