The strongest team

The strongest team mainly tells about the best combination team of the American men's team and the characteristics of each combination. NBA teams mainly introduce the characteristics, history, achievements and celebrities of each team in the NBA. NBA teams mainly introduce the characteristics, history, achievements and celebrities of each team in the NBA.

  • Vogel: The key is not to use Zhan Huang, but to create an environment for him

    On May 22, Beijing time, the Athletic reporter Joe Vardon reported that the new Lakers coach Vogel was interviewed about LeBron James. The two have played in the playoffs, and James has eliminated many times with the performance of "Superman" (Vogel)

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  • The Best Defensive Team: Goebbels' Three Company and One Defense

    On May 23, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced the league's best defensive team. The NBA's best defensive lineup is voted by 100 media people around the world. Each player receives two points when he receives the first prevention vote and one point when he receives the second prevention vote. The media should vote for two defenders and two defenders in each of the two defensive lineups

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  • The lone ranger hopes to make room for the big name. Maybe he will trade Courtney Lee

    On May 23, Beijing time, according to the reporter Mike Fisher of the Lone Rangers, in order to make room for salary, the Lone Rangers are likely to trade veteran Courtney Lee. On July 1, the lone ranger team is expected to have a salary space of about 30 million dollars. If you want to pursue something like Kenba

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  • Dongjue G5 Look Ahead: The psychological dominance of Raptors plays a key role in supporting roles

    The Bucks lead 2-0 to the Raptors pull two games in a row. The momentum of the playoffs is so sudden. In the next five games, the Bucks took advantage of the home court, while the Raptors had a psychological advantage. The fourth game is an ideal way for the Raptors to win. They don't need Leonard to carry everything. By his side, Lori, Bao

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  • Anunuobi has resumed some training and has not yet returned to the schedule

    On May 24, Beijing time, Toronto Raptors forward OG Anunuobi underwent surgery for acute appendicitis in mid April. At that time, it was expected that Anunuobi would return as soon as possible during the Eastern Final, but now the Eastern Final has reached Tianwangshan, and Anunuobi still has no schedule to return. Raptors head coach Nick Nass

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  • Exposed Bucks' intention to trade Snell this summer or need to pack draft rights

    On May 24, Beijing time, the Milwaukee Bucks were in the eastern finals, but the team management now needs to arrange in advance for the off-season lineup. The salary space of the Bucks is not ideal, and many players in the team are facing the problem of contract renewal during the off-season. In order to reduce the luxury tax as much as possible, the Bucks intend to clean up this summer

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  • Lori: The thumb injury is not getting better, but I still need to do my best

    On May 24, Beijing time, the Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lorry suffered a dislocated left thumb injury in the Eastern semi-final tiebreak seven. He would wear protective gear when he participated in training recently, but his left thumb injury did not improve, and he could only fight with pain in the Eastern semi-final. The Eastern Final has now reached

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  • Lose 30 million claire for failing to get the super top salary: it's beyond control

    On May 24, Beijing time, NBC reported that the failure to be selected into the best team meant that Warrior guard Clay Thompson could not get a super top salary from Warriors, and he would lose about $30 million. After today's training, Clay talked about it in an interview. Clay got three two arrays and 18 three arrays in the selection

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  • Monty Williams: Booker will soon become a household name

    On May 24, Beijing time, it was reported by the Arizona Republic Daily that although he had just taken office, Sun's new coach Monty Williams had been deeply impressed by the star player Devon Booker and thought that the latter could become a well-known player one day. "When I was watching the video, I noticed

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  • Miles: Ah Du is also eager to return. You don't need to motivate him

    On May 24, Beijing time, NBC reported that half a month had passed since the strained calf, and the Warrior forward Kevin Durant still showed no signs of improvement. The latest inspection results show that Adu will miss the game at the beginning of the finals. The warriors were very cautious about Adu's injury, so they didn't dare to use radical treatment

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