Water flower 61 points wins Double Lance warriors, narrowly wins 2-0 at home

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Beijing time on May 17, the western finals another game, warriors in the home to 114-111 narrowly beat the Blazers, 2-0 lead. Warriors side, curry 37 points 8 rebounds 8 assists, clay 24 points, green 16 points 10 rebounds 7 assists 5 blocks, Rooney 14 points 7 rebounds. For the Blazers, Lillard had 23 points, 5 rebounds, 10 assists, McCullough had 22 points and 5 assists, curry had 16 points and hood had 12 points.

Brother to brother upgrade: Little curry puts pressure on his brother, the first pair of brothers in NBA history to meet in the division finals. In the first match of the west, curry didn't put pressure on his brother. He played 19 minutes, only got 3 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists from 7 shots, and lost 10 points during the game.

However, in the second game of the Western game, both sides of the attack and defense of curry played an outstanding performance, sending out four steals, including directly robbing his brother Curie, which caused great trouble to curry at the defensive end. On the offensive end, curry also played a very good performance, shooting four three points, including two key three points in the fourth quarter. During the game, he once won 22 points, once helping the Blazers establish a 17 point lead. Curie's outstanding performance to his brother, of course, is not to be outdone. He once again shows the dominance of superstars, scoring 30 + points in three consecutive games and reaching 35 times in the playoffs, surpassing Hadden to occupy the third place in the current service.


Competition review:

The warriors took the lead 8-6 after Thompson hit Lillard with a turn and jump shot. But today, mclem played a very good personal attack, he hit two three points in a row, including a fast break three, to help the Blazers 12-8.

The trailblazers still make frequent mistakes in defense today. After mclarham's three-point shot, the Trail Blazers had problems in their defense, and they were successfully attacked by Green's basket, which also caused armino to shoot fouls. The two teams then fell into a tussle.

The first quarter lasted for 3 minutes and 23 seconds. Curry made use of the defensive error of pioneer Leonard, and made a direct three-point shot at the top of the circle. The warriors were close to score 21-22. Blazers coach Stotts angrily called out a pause, the Blazers after the pause to stabilize their position, the first quarter 31-29 lead.

The two teams played very close at the beginning of the second quarter. The second quarter to 7:31, warriors played a beautiful cooperation, bell received Livingston pass dunk score, warriors 36-40 tightly bite the score. In the following game, the duel between the Curie brothers became the focus. Curie did a good job in defending his brother, and he helped the Blazers get the upper hand. Lillard had two super long three-point shots, and curry also scored three points in the fast break. The Blazers had a 62-45 lead of 17 points. At the critical moment, Rooney received Green's pass, strong attack in the interior, but also caused Kanter to shoot fouls, the warriors to stabilize the position. At the end of the half-time, curry broke through the layup to help the warriors bite the score 50-65.

The Blazers played a very good attack in the half-time, with a shooting rate of 50%, including 11 out of 22 three-point shots. Lillard scored 10 points for 3-out-of-3, and mclem scored 16 points for 3-out-4-3. On the warriors side, Kuri alone scored 19 points.

The warriors changed the starting lineup in the third quarter and replaced Bogart with Rooney, which attracted great effect. After warriors change into a small lineup, Lillard or mccleman and his teammates pick and roll, warriors resolutely pack the ball holder, the effect is very good. The warriors played a full defensive counterattack to prevent the attack. Curry and Thompson (2) made three consecutive three-point shots. The warriors made a 13-0 attack wave and reduced the difference to 3 points by 66-69, forcing the Blazers to call out a pause.

Hacrist suspended after the layup, the Blazers a little steady, but they attack and defense problems, warriors quickly exceed the score. The second quarter to 3:48 seconds, Thompson fast break in three points, warriors 77-75 super score. Fortunately, Lillard played offensive, he got 7 points in a row, the two teams tied 89 in the third quarter. Thompson in the third quarter three-point three shot three, a single quarter to get 13 points, is the warriors catch up with the point difference of the biggest hero. The Blazers had a good start in the fourth quarter. Lillard and curry made two three-point shots, and Leonard dunked well. They helped the Blazers get a 3-point lead 97-94.

After the warriors asked for a pause, the attack did not improve much, but the combination of Lillard and Leonard broke the warriors' bag. Lillard forced to break into the inside line, the layup also caused green fouls, Leonard also hit the middle shot, the Blazers 102-94 to expand the difference. After the warriors asked for a timeout, curry began to take over the game. He scored a jump shot from the outside and scored a layup. However, his younger brother was not willing to be outdone. Curry made a key three-point shot, and Leonard also scored three points. The Blazers kept ahead 108-100.

The trailblazer star Michael lamb then madly struck iron, missed many attack opportunities, the warriors took the opportunity to play a 10-0 attack wave. In Curie 3 penalty all after, warriors 110-108 counter super score. Curry then hit a key three to help the Blazers survive. But the trailblazer Gemini Lillard and mcclem are still in the iron, Rooney and green have a strong attack under the basket, the warriors 114-111 to take the lead. After the Blazers asked for a pause, igordala snatched Lillard to help the warriors win.

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