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How to install the zblog template? Zblog Theme Installation Tutorial

Tianxing Studio 2014-05-27 19:45 course twenty-four thousand one hundred and seventy-three 6 Comments

There are many first-time uses zblog The novice will ask me“ Zblog template How to install ?”, Then this article will introduce to you Zblog Theme Installation course

Zblog is now divided into zblogasp and zblogphp Two versions Template The installation steps of the topic are the same, so we will introduce them together.

There are two ways to install zblog themes:

1. The first is directly in the Zblog background Left navigation found“ Application Center ”After clicking in, you can see many topics and choose one you like Zblog topic Click the "Install Application" button to download the installation theme directly, Zblog topic After the download is completed, it is directly managed in the "Theme Management" in the left navigation of the background of zblog (enabling and deleting themes, etc.).

2. The second is the zblog theme template obtained through other channels. This zblog theme file can also be divided into two types:

One is in folder format, which can be directly uploaded to website In the "zb_users theme" folder, you can see the zblog theme just uploaded on the theme management page in the background.

The other is the. zba format file, which is the compressed zblog special theme file format. After obtaining this zblog theme file, you can directly use it by clicking "local upload theme zba file" in the theme management of the zblog background. The operation screenshot is as follows:

 How to install the zblog template? Zblog Theme Installation Tutorial zblog Theme Installation zblog Template Installation Tutorial Page 1

The above is the zblog topic installation tutorial. If there is anything unclear, please ask in the comment area under the article page.

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yes six Comments from netizens:

  •  Can't find the install app button

    Can't find the install app button 7 years ago (2017-03-30) reply

    I can't find the button for "Install App"

    •  Tianxing Studio

      Tianxing Studio Seven years ago (2017-03-31) reply

      My writing is wrong. It should be the "Get Application" button, but your understanding ability is also worrying

  •  Chudong Online

    Chudong Online 8 years ago (2016-05-26) reply

    I set up a local zblog for learning, but there was no response after uploading the zba file in the theme management and submitting it

  •  Netizens of Tianxing Studio

    Netizens of Tianxing Studio Nine years ago (2015-08-04) reply

    What is the situation when an error prompts that dependent applications need to be enabled after enabling the local upload. zba file

    •  Tianxing Studio

      Tianxing Studio Nine years ago (2015-08-04) reply

      Literally, if you need to install any plug-in, go to the background application center to search for the plug-in and install it.

  •  Lemon flower

    Lemon flower Nine years ago (2015-02-16) reply

    Why did I install the application, enable the template, and rebuild it, but the backstage website seems to be messy, and all of them are posted on the left

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