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WeChat applet error: operateWXDataForAd: fail reason and solution

Tianxing Studio 2023-05-14 11:09 course one thousand one hundred and fifty-seven 0 Comments

Today, when adding incentive ads to the "Tianxing applet" plug-in, WeChat development tool directly reported an error "operatieWXDataForAd: fail" after inserting code according to the official document, as shown in the following figure:

 WeChat applet error: operateWXDataForAd: cause and solution of failure Tianxing applet incentive advertising applet operateWXData operateWXDataForAd tutorial page 1

After a search, we learned that this is because the WeChat development tool is not logged in to the tourist mode. Calling the "wx. operatieWXData" api in the tourist mode is limited. This api returns a simulated return of the tool.

So if you come across this Error prompt , usually because there is no login in the tourist mode.

The solution is to log in to WeChat development tool.

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