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The reason and solution for the prompt No input file specified on the phpstudy

Tianxing Studio 2023-03-07 14:50 course one thousand nine hundred and eighty-nine 0 Comments

Build a local zblog Test station, small skin panel for server environment (phpstudy).

After moving files and databases from the original test station, open website The home page directly prompts "No input file specified". This prompt means that the specified file is not found, and then the troubleshooting starts.

First domain name Add "index. php" in the background, and the same prompt will be given if you find that it is not OK;

Then go to the small panel to set the website homepage file, and find that there is "index. php";

Then turn off zblog's Pseudo static The prompt "No input file specified" is the same for dynamically opening the category page or the article content page.

This can ensure that it has nothing to do with file/pseudo static rules. We must start with the server environment, and eliminate the Dafa!

Switch Apache to nginx first, no way;

Then switch to the PHP version...

Therefore, I judge that the reason for the problem is that the PHP version of the original website data does not match the current initial version.

If you also encounter the same problem as me, you can switch the PHP version to see if the problem can be solved. If not, continue to rule out Dafa switching to other server-side software tests.

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