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Zblog Get the GET/POST equivalent function "GetVars" parameters and how to use them

Tianxing Studio 2022-06-14 20:16 Zblog function eight hundred and fifty-six 0 Comments

zblog The GetVars function of is used to obtain GET, POST and other data values. The function is constructed on line 519 of "c_system_common. php". As shown below:

 Zblog Get GET/POST Equivalent Function "GetVars" Parameters and Usage Introduction GetVars zblog Function zblog Function Page 1

Function parameters:

$name: string; required; get the name of the value;

$type: string, optional, which type to obtain, optional "GET, POST, SERVER";

$default: string, optional, default value;

Function output:

The data obtained according to the parameter will return null if there is no value;

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