Win10 retrieves windows photo viewer and solutions to common problems

informal essay three thousand one hundred and eighteen 3 years ago (2020-10-18)

The default image viewing software of Win10 system is "Photos". Its opening speed and usage habit (ctrl+scroll wheel) are not very popular with me. I prefer the default image viewer of Win7 system, which is extremely fast. The mouse scroll wheel zooms the image, press and hold the left button to drag the image to view details, which is very convenient. Win10 can also use Win7's photo viewer, It is usually realized by means of a registry (reg) file or software (360 Security-Win10 settings).

Download address: Win10 Retrieves Windows Photo Viewer (Unpack and double-click the reg file to automatically import it into the registry. Right click the image in Properties - Open Mode to change it to "Windows Photo Viewer", and click Save.).

Because of the Win10 version, sometimes when you open a picture, the message "Windows Photo Viewer cannot display this picture because computer The available memory on may be insufficient. Please close some programs not in use at present or free some hard disk space (if the hard disk is almost full), and then try again.

When encountering this problem, I tried the following solutions:

  1. Modify environment variables, change TMP paths, or even delete TMP values.

  2. Set the default printer.

  3. Set the device configuration file to "Agfa" in the Printer Properties - Color Management - Advanced tab.

A series of methods failed to solve the problem after trying, but the solution was found by accident:

Open any folder, click "View" - "Options" at the top, click the "View" tab in the pop-up window, and find "Always Show" in "Advanced Settings" Icon , never show thumbnails ", uncheck and click the OK button to solve the problem perfectly.

(Click on the blackboard: if "Always show icons, never show thumbnails" is not checked, then check and click OK first, and then cancel the check to save).