Mother told her married daughter

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Mother said, don't quarrel when you are angry, you can not talk, don't wash his clothes, but don't quarrel with him.

Mother said, don't go outside to make a big deal when you quarrel with a man. If he takes a step towards you, you should take two steps towards him.

My mother said that home is a woman's stronghold, so don't leave if anything happens. Because it's hard to get back.

Mother said, don't always think about face when two people are at home. Face is very important when two people live together? What about outside life

Mother said that no matter how rich a man is, he still hopes to see you waiting for him in a clean house.

Mother said that there were many good men, and he would not hold other women. But this Sociology Many bad women will reach out to hold your man.

Mother said that women must go out to work, no matter how much money they earn or how little, work is the embodiment of their own value in life. You have been at home all the time, and men have the opportunity to say in front of you:“ I am raising you& rdquo;

Mom said that if you work outside, you have to do things at home no matter how busy you are. Otherwise, you will spend your own money to hire an hour job. Family affairs must be done well, and children must be taught well.

Mom said that he did something unexpected for you. You can be moved and praised. Don't say "ldquo;" ironically; The sun is coming out from the west;, If so, he will not do anything for you in the future.

Mom said that no one is his or her other half. Who will understand if you don't say what you think? If you tell others what you need to feel and what you hate, they will understand.

Mom said that his parents are also your parents. Even if his parents are not very good to you, you should be good to them. Because they are his parents.

Mom said that if you decide to be with someone, don't complain about the hard days. Since you chose him, don't complain about him.

Mother said, then what's the use of money, people? Where are people?

Mom said, how much can we spend in this life? Don't buy luxury goods, just be happy.

The mother said, don't tell the child "Mom doesn't want you";, Don't push the child out of the door when you are angry. If he really disappears, you will be in great pain.

Mother said, don't hit the child, let alone outside.

My mother said that love is exciting and romantic. However, it is unrealistic. Just ordinary.

Mother said, everything is fate.

Mother said that life is impermanent, we should cherish every day and our family.