Only you and I are on the way of love

informal essay eight thousand six hundred and twelve 13 years ago (2011-04-09)

Those who yearn for the sky are lonely.

We are not sure about the unknown future. I always think about how to deal with it life Is it because I think too much? Some absurd things have happened recently, and I am trapped in it without knowing what is going on.

I don't regret that I once loved, but Tianya is lonely from now on. A short period of happiness is enough, as long as I am willing, I will be happy.

If you meet a person and you love him more, you will always lose him. Then, if you meet another person who loves you more, you will leave him sooner or later. Until one day, you meet a person, you love each other. Finally understand that all the search, there is a process. Once upon a time, it was near the cliff.  

When it clears up, maybe I will love you again.

Talk to loneliness, just don't want to believe that you have left.

I began to miss those scattered flowers. They were enchanting and gorgeous because of your leaving. They piled up into a solid and unspeakable love in my heart. The warmth was gradually submerged. The black darkness on the horizon was gradually clear under the street lights. I was still wandering on the road, watching people come and go. They ignored my existence and passed me silently. Occasionally someone looked at me, Still with a smile, but no one understands my loneliness. But no one I love is accompanied by the one who loves me. My heart is full of emptiness and reluctance

If. All wounds can be healed. If. All sincerity can be exchanged for sincerity. If. All beliefs can persist. If. All emotions can be perfect. If. Can still meet in a city. Simple smile. Slight happiness. A wanton embrace. How nice. But it's really just if.

Love, until it hurts. Then forever. Sorry, even if you can't feel me

Recall has become the past, little by little in the eye gradually blurred. Finally, with the spread of tears, they evaporated in pores, moist air. Reach out and let the snowflakes outside the window fall in your hands. Instantly cold, then a little bit disappeared. Sad laughter echoed in the snow in the night sky. No echo, no response. No missing. Through the barrier of snowflakes, I want to recall something. Only then did I find out. In the end, no one missed me. This is more sad than loneliness.

One is a gorgeous short dream, the other is a cruel long reality.

I like fairy tales because I regard them as my childhood.

Because time goes by minute by second, we are praying for eternity love , family, friendship, youth, appearance, body, glory... Because at the bottom of life, all of our things will eventually pass. So we will humbly hold the hand of our loved ones, and deeply believe that this mediocrity is the power to resist aging, death and disappearance

I hope you are the kite in my hand. If you cut the line, you will be free. I hope it's the string in your hand. The kite flew, but I'm still in your hand

Under the setting sun, a fairy tale world.

How can we find the lost years? You used to smile, but in the memory can not be separated.

A simple love, work at sunrise and rest at sunset. Enjoy the sunshine, breeze, rain and dew every morning and dusk together. Such a wish is not greed. I think love is to live a life of mutual help. Acceptance and running in make love stand up to fleeting years. Hand in hand and happiness in the ordinary light are more precious.

Heard such a story, in ancient Greek legend, couples put rings on each other's middle fingers, because they believe that there is a blood vessel that goes straight to the heart. So the ring means commitment. But how much love in the world can lead to death, and how much love can last forever. So you may not marry the one you love most, and the one who loves you most may not marry you. How many lovers can not enter each other's life, but can only meet in the afterlife, and how many men and women have gone through love, into marriage, but will no longer cherish each other's efforts.