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 CloudCone Black Friday pays US VPS and ECS as low as $9.99 per year | Lao Zuo's notes
VPS discount

CloudCone pays US VPS and ECS as low as $9.99 annually on Black Friday

CloudCone businesses are also characterized by ECS businesses. Only a single MC machine room in Los Angeles is stubborn. However, there are still some changes on the product line, such as new ECS, Windows server, CDN, post office, DNS and other services. Later, we will see if there are more than one new machine room, because they can choose to cut

 CloudCone Black Friday Promotion Preview Promotes American VPS with Flash Shopping | Lao Zuo's Notes
VPS discount

CloudCone Black Friday Promotion Preview Promotes U.S. VPS with Flash Buy

The annual Black Friday activity will start on Thursday. The general activity rhythm is Thursday to Saturday, and then take a day off. There will continue to be two-day promotional activities on Cyber Monday. Unlike our domestic "Double 11" activities, which are rolled in one month earlier. Lao Zuo has also been observing and searching for information these two days to see the merchants' activity announcements and forms. This article