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CloudCone pays US VPS and ECS as low as $9.99 annually on Black Friday

CloudCone businesses are also characterized by ECS businesses. Only a single MC machine room in Los Angeles is stubborn. However, there are still some changes on the product line, such as the addition of ECS WINDOWS server CDN、 Post Office DNS and other services. Later, we will see whether there are multiple machine rooms added, because their hourly billing mode can be switched and deleted, which is suitable for products with multiple machine rooms, such as several businesses we are familiar with. There are also pre-sales for Black Friday.

 CloudCone Black Friday pre-sale annual payment of US VPS and ECS as low as $16.79

There are two packages for this Black Friday event, one is a regular ECS and the other is a traditional VPS.

PS: The official activity has started, The price of the basic VPS was readjusted to 9.99 for the official CLOUDONE activity for one year.

1. Traditional VPS

Memory CPU Hard disk flow Price purchase
512M 1 core 25G 2T/month $9.9/year link
1G 2 cores 30G 3T/month $ 15.53/year link
2G 3 cores 80G 6T/month $ 26.99/year link
4G 4-core 160G 8T/month $ 50.44/year link
8G 4-core 320G 8T/month $ 97.21/year link

2. ECS

cpu Memory SSD flow IP Price purchase
1 core 1 GB 20 GB 3 TB/month one $32.94/year link
2 cores 2 GB 40 GB 6 TB/month one $59.10 per year link
3 cores 4 GB 80 GB 8 TB/month one $104.99/year link
4-core 8 GB 160 GB 8 TB/month one $199.09/year link
8 cores 16 GB 300 GB 10 TB/month one $398.37/year link
12 cores 32 GB 600 GB 10 TB/month one $750.49/year link

The bandwidth of all ECS and VPS hosts is 1Gbps, and the default is one independent IP address. It can be deleted and reopened as needed. The machine room is MC in Los Angeles.

3. Test room and IP

 IPv4: IPv6: 2607:f130:0:ef::2 Download:
Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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