Will your conscience not hurt if your sex education textbook is taken out of context as driving

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Everyone knows that China's sex education is poor, but when it is improving, some people's eyes are still only pornography and children's play


I am a journalism student, an informal journalist, a non education major, a sex and gender expert, and a staff member of a public welfare organization. Last year, in order to complete the news assignment, I twice visited the school for the children of migrant workers in the suburbs of Beijing to listen to sex education courses, and had an in-depth conversation with the public welfare organizations promoting the textbook. Fortunately, I know more about the sex education textbook than others. Since it is late to see the topic microblog today, there is no time to do new research. This paper is mainly based on the data and experience obtained in April last year. If there is any discrepancy with the existing facts, please point out.

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Today, when this micro blog turned to my home page, I was undoubtedly angry.

@Screenshot of Li tiegen's microblog

Although the full picture has been posted in the hot comments, the impact of this microblog is irretrievable. The Yellow jokes and expression packs that can be seen everywhere in the comments and forwards are still a testosterone carnival for keyboard man.

 The first picture of heat evaluation The first picture of heat evaluation

The book, named "cherish life", is compiled by the children's sex education research group of Beijing Normal University. The student's book has been published from the first volume of grade one to the second volume of fifth grade.

 A complete set of "cherish life" textbook A complete set of "cherish life" textbook

In the textbook of the second volume of grade one, students can understand the external and internal structure of male and female reproductive organs through cartoons; (this part is not only about reproductive organs, but also about reproductive organs and other organs, such as limbs, brain, viscera and other organs, in order to "normalize" reproductive organs to the greatest extent.)

In the second volume of the second grade textbooks, illustrations show the process of sexual intercourse between men and women;

 Grade two volume two Grade two volume two

The second volume of the third grade textbook explains that adolescent boys and girls will appear Ejaculation, menstruation And so on;

In the second volume of grade five, textbooks will be introduced sexual orientation Tell the children Homosexuality is also normal.

And every book will protect itself Prevention of sexual assault The pictures in the chapter are no longer limited to adult men's sexual assault on girls, but cover them Adult male to boy, adult female to boy, girl, etc A variety of situations. (this is the picture of Li tiegen's microblog)

More exciting for me, as a woman, is the following:

Boys and girls are equally independent and express their opinions. There are excellent female pilots, excellent male nurses, competent female police officers and dedicated male preschool teachers

"All men are equal, not different by gender"

Both men and women are responsible, can be brave and initiative, can be careful and considerate

I was filled with tears when I saw this, because in Beijing (last April's data), this textbook was only promoted in 13 schools for migrant workers' children in the suburbs. Most of the parents of these children were not well educated and were too busy working to teach children these concepts. Children all take textbooks as the Bible. The teacher tells them that you can be a policewoman or a male nurse. How much encouragement is it for children to tell them that homosexuality is normal and to appeal to them not to discriminate against them. Can it really help to improve discrimination?

The second time I attended a class in grade three of Lantian Fengyuan primary school. Among the more than 60 private schools for the children of migrant workers in Beijing, it is a large-scale primary school with good hardware. There are five or six bungalows in the school, and the playground is simple concrete brick ground. These children are far less well-dressed than the downtown children, but when I ask the third grade girls what they have learned, they can generously say "breasts will develop", "use sanitary napkins for menstruation", point to their bodies and say "no strangers can touch here".

This textbook is not only sex education, but also responsibility education, gender education, so that children can become independent individuals.

A teacher told me that in her experience, the smaller the child who is exposed to sex education, the more calm he is in the learning process "When we teach first graders about reproductive organs, they see them as if they know other human organs. But when we teach fifth graders, there are girls who are embarrassed and boys are snickering."

When I was doing a special issue on sex at the same time last year, I asked some students if they knew the difference between urethra and vagina. As a result, many high school students and college students (both male and female) thought that urethra and vagina were completely the same thing. I was really shocked. My high school was the trump card high school in a second tier city, and my university was an imperial capital 211 college famous for its openness and diversity, All the people I asked are adults, we usually open yellow cavity together and fly.

Beijing's sex education program has just started a few years ago. There are some problems, such as teachers can't keep up, funds are not in place, and the education department has little support. Most of them are public welfare organizations. It is also very difficult for children and their parents to have a positive interaction in this respect. Under the existing system, it is difficult to promote sex education, but some people are making efforts. As a student of media and journalism, I really implore you, we media, if you don't help us, you'll do us a disservice. You take it out of context and stigmatize the textbooks compiled by education experts of other countries. Some critics accused the textbook of being too "dirty", but others said that it was a group of people who praised the original picture,

I feel that there are a lot of things that haven't been mentioned. I hope you can discuss with me in the comments. What I think will be added in the comments.


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