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Recently submitted PR Comments by leaders LGTM A capital one It's in the brain. The abbreviations were checked and sorted out as follows:

  • PR: Pull Request. Pull requests, which have submitted code to open source projects, should all know
  • CR: Code Review. Code review
  • LGTM: Looks good to me. Yes, we can merge
  • TL;DR: Too long;Didn't read. The old woman's foot wrap.
  • TBR: To be reviewed. Give the labor review code!
  • WIP: Work in progress. Writing at the beginning of the title as an identification function is not completed
  • RFC: Request for comments. We usually hear that some policies want to be carried out. If the government wants to carry out these policies, the government will issue a draft for comments. The general meaning of open source projects is to ask for comments, which are used as task memoranda
  • ACK: Acknowledge. Confirm some contents, functions and tasks


Just now I used the desktop version of GitHub, and the file was deleted... I click on this submission again, and the revert file is back.

But I watched the two submissions that didn't use eggs, It's itchy. It's x-rated

Find the following personal way to withdraw success

 git reset --hard <commit_ id>

commit_ ID in log is this form 44c7aa824b0f6383ad1eaf037185ea25cb77878f
The Sha code omitted to 6 digits in the desktop GitHub can also be withdrawn

Except commit_ There are two ways besides ID

 --Head / / last commit -- head ^ / / last commit