August 2017

This week happened to be a weekend. I went to the cinema to see "22" in the afternoon. I really want to say that Japan fucks your mother, but it can't. The people of both countries do not want the war to be baptized again. I just want world peace.

I don't know if it's your ignorance or ignorance. Now there are not many people. If you don't want to see it, I'll help you see it.

Maybe I should be glad that there are not many people who have a very good experience of watching movies. I can watch the movements and words carefully.

At that time, I didn't know when it was playing. There was an old man named Li Ailian. Looking back on the whole movie, she was the most optimistic and happy old man now. (if you are interested, you can see the documentary 32. Wei Shaolan is also an optimistic and sunny old man. Unfortunately, he died of regret before the film was shown.)

At that time, the most difficult thing for the old man to cover up was her own feelings.

The film is shot from our daily perspective. Maybe we should understand that they are ordinary old people, just like our grandparents, dads and moms, they are all people living around us! Although they are the same as us, at that time, something happened to them that we didn't understand.

We took a look at their wounds and cried and laughed with them. How brave they are when they have suffered great and painful injuries and can still live like this in the world!

When I watch in the cinema, it's really tears hanging in my eyes. The simple words of several old people have powerful power. I hope the old people can have a happy life in their old age. I owe you an apology. We will take them back for you.

May there be no more war and no suffering in the world.

Peace to the world.

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Why did you come by yourself? Where's your baby? ——Li Ailian

I'd rather die myself than tell you. ——Old man Mao Yinmei

It's a wonderful world. You have to save your life to eat wild food. ——Old man Wei Shaolan

I hope that China and Japan will always be friendly and stop fighting. Many people will die. ——Japanese friend Mita Maki

I can only choose calm, the machine is placed at the door, a distant affectionate look at them, I think this is enough. --Director Guo Ke

The purpose of recording is to "remember" and "never forget" without complaining