April 2018

No more

A few days ago, the salon bug, I believe many people have gone to rub, but geese, I quietly watch you roll over

Today, I'll tell you about the new activity on the front page. If you buy the MySQL entry-level model for three years, you can only click on the page to buy it for six months at most (I don't feel like it's enough)

Check the order submission information, successfully purchased for 3 years
 Purchase successful

Copy the following code, save as HTML file, open the page, click the link to jump, you can buy

 < a id = "get MySQL" http: / / buy. Cloud. Tencent. COM / order / check "method =" post "style =" display: None "> 
 < textarea name =" itemdetails "> {raw_ goodsData":[{"type":"cdb","goodsCategoryId":"100016","regionId":4,"projectId":0,"zoneId":200001,"goodsDetail":{"pid":12074,"timeSpan":36,"timeUnit":"m","subType":"CUSTOM","payType":0,"mem":256,"disk":50,"cdbMem":256,"cdbVolume":50,"vpcId":0,"subnetId":0,"zoneId":200001,"type":"cdb","cdbInstanceType":"CUSTOM","mysqlVersion":"5.6","devClass":"Z3", "Action": "applycdb", "curdeadline": "0000-00-00", "instancerole": "master", "projectid": 0, "goodsnum": 1, "paymode": 1, "salebyzone": 1, "productinfo": [{"name": "instance type", "value": "primary instance"}, {"name": "billing mode", "value": "monthly package"}, {"name": "configuration type", "value": "high IO version"}, {"name": "configuration", "value": "256MB memory, 50GB storage space, mysql5.6"}, {"name": "region", "value": "East China (Shanghai)"}, {"name": "availability zone", "value": "Shanghai area 1"}, {"name": "infrastructure network"}, {"name": "project", "value": "default project"}, {"name": data replication mode "," value ": asynchronous replication}], protectmode: 0," deploymode ": 0," slavezone ": 0," origin ":"}, "goodsnum": 1, "payMode":1}]}</textarea>
<script src="https://cdn.bootcss.com/jquery/3.3.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
    $('#get-mysql').click(function () {