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Today, I went to visit my grandparents and played with my mobile phone. After playing with my mobile phone, my friend sent me a message: "is there any statement that can modify the folder path in batch?" so he asked about his needs. After half a minute's conversation, he found that it was dir/A => dir/2020/A According to the year corresponding to the excel table, classify the relevant catalog, and confirm that a few minutes is more than enough (too naive)

Since I didn't have a computer in hand and my mobile phone didn't have a proper editor, my friend suggested that he write it. I thought: OK.

Command is really difficult for people who have a programming foundation but can no longer reach their daily work. use readdirSync Listing all the directories under the directory has been operating for nearly half an hour, let alone debugging.

Calm down, I think, is it really necessary for ordinary people to learn? There is a certain need. If my friend simply grasps nodejs related skills, I believe that his work will be of great help. He does not need to manually copy and paste time-consuming, recognize the law of repetitive work, write scripts to execute the work, and efficiency will be his biggest experience.

After reading the above paragraph, it may mean "programming depends on work". I don't agree with this view. I agree with it Programming is a skill to improve productivity It can be understood in disguise as "Lazy" The friend mentioned above is just in the heavy processing of massive data, which is a little tricky. But if it's not related work, you can also use programming in other places to avoid being hit by the platform price difference when you buy your favorite items. You can master English indirectly and surf the Internet scientifically. Do not need to love, just because of interest and to understand, learn, meet the needs Happy, happy That's fine.

I saw it a few years ago "Python enters Shandong primary school textbooks" In retrospect, children's competitiveness has started since childhood. Cultivating thinking logic, observing children's interests and hobbies, and solving problems can be more logical.

After all, the lowest cost of open-source programming can be learned everywhere due to the low cost of the Internet, You don't lose if you don't learn.

Rapid deployment of multi site environment, based on docker, docker compose choreography is convenient to add directly, each site uses an FPM instance independently, the performance is better

Link: flxxyz/fast-deploy-website

I feel good recently

TX Hong Kong like a bomb? Now that we're moving into China, we'd better move to China

I used the panel and built it by hand. Now I still use the old version of pagoda. I plan to back up the site and reset the server. I used docker to configure the instance on the virtualization device in the house a few days ago

After reading the last article, it was published two months ago. Wow, I've been playing at home for more than a month

Think about what you do at home, sleep, play games, watch movies, write code, read books, participate in activities, model making, garbage collection, proper exercise, room arrangement.

The approximate time allocation is shown in the figure below
 QQ screenshot 20190603202936.png

I spend about 10 hours watching the hand ring every day? Of course, the simple and fast way to play wild scuffle is really good. There are four fixed map scenes and one activity map. The fixed map playing method can launch new activities within a certain period of time. The new activities will fine tune the objects in the scene and add some specific playing methods. The reward mechanism of the team is also very clever. Unless you are 123 from the bottom, there will be rewards for each game The competition is similar to the qualifying competition, the victory will obtain the cup (the hero individual cup and the total cup), the total trophy will only accumulate all the time, the failure will only reduce the hero individual trophy, playing for a long time is really toxic.

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koolshare It seems that everyone inside is using it StarWind V2V Converter This software, and then use PE inside the disk writing tool

However, geese in MacOS can not play these windows tools, search found virtual box It's a set of commands. It's delicious!

VBoxManage --help Here is everything, new, modify, delete, network adapter, DHCP, shared folder

.img transformation .vdi Break away from Gui, shell rush!

 $ VBoxManage convertdd openwrt-koolshare-mod-v2.22-r8838-af7317c5b6-x86-64-combined-squashfs.img 1.vdi

A virtual machine turntable is completed, and it turns in seconds