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It's on cloudflare now. Don't worry

Cloudxns launched a push on the official public account on the 29th, that is, yesterday, with the general contents as follows:

###Respond to the urgent notice of the Ministry of public security!! 9.300 stop resolving the domain name resolution of all users without real name authentication!!!

I saw this push at noon. I was told that the parsing service would be stopped in the early morning of that night, In such a hurry? Go home and reincarnate? Can TM tolerate it?

Cloudxns, which I used to use for a long time, is free of charge and has fast parsing speed and diversified functions. At that time, I thought that cloudxns was still good. Now the DNS resolution is so sloppy. The censorship environment of the great Chinese dynasty is not so optimistic. How could I, a good young man with excellent moral character, do anything against the law and damage the national interests? It's ridiculous

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At this stage, we can only transfer most of the domain names to Let's wait and see what kind of payment service providers can use

Just sauce. Bye?

It has been successfully filed on alicloud. I have entered the system. The filing time is expected.

First filing: submitted for preliminary examination at 18:53:17, 2015-12-01

When checking the intermediate data, I The owner of the domain name forgot to change it back It's causing a delay 1,2 God.

If you don't have anything to do, you have to file it

Submitted to the Management Bureau for review and approval 15:11:59, 2015-12-17

Hubei Administration Bureau is still very efficient. It is expected to be completed in 12 days, and it will be good in a week_

There is no record of free Internet, but there is a system in China