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Hanging on cloudflare, save worry.

CloudXNS released a push on the official public number 29 yesterday.

In response to the Ministry of public security emergency notice! 9.300, stop analyzing all domain names of authenticated users!!!

This push was not seen until noon. I was told that the service would be stopped in the early hours of the night. So urgent? Go home and reincarnate? TM can endure?

CloudXNS, which has been used for a long time, is free and analytic fast, and its functions are diversified. At that time, cloudXNS's pretty good DNS analysis is still so disorganized. The censorship of the great heaven is not too optimistic. How can 54 good young people with excellent moral character violate the law and harm the interests of the state?

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At this stage, we can only transfer most of the domain names. Let's wait and see what useful service providers can use.

Just sauce, bye bye?

It has been successfully recorded on Ali cloud, and I entered the pit.

First filing of 2015-12-01 18:53:17 for first instance

When I check the intermediate data, I The domain name owner forgot to return it. It led to delays. 1,2 God.

Go ahead and do the record.

Submitted to the authority for approval through 2015-12-17 15:11:59.

The Hubei authority is still very efficient. It is expected to be completed in 12 days, and it will be fine in a week. (y)

There is no record of the free network, but I have a great deal of it.