June 2019

Quick deployment of multi site environments, based on docker, docker-compose layout is easy to add directly, and each site independently uses a FPM instance to perform better.

Link: Flxxyz/fast-deploy-website

I feel so good lately.

TX Hongkong is like a bomb? Since the record is still considered to move into the domestic 8

The old version of the pagoda, which is used before the panel, is still in use. It plans to backup the site and reset the server. A few days ago, it used docker to configure instances in the house virtualization device.

After reading the last article, two months ago, wow, I spent more than a month at home.

What do you want to do at home? Sleep, play games, watch movies, write code, read books, participate in activities, spell models, pick up trash, exercise properly, and organize your room.

The approximate time allocation is as follows
 QQ screenshot 20190603202936.png

Look at millet Bracelet every day almost 10 hours of sleep time, steam collectors game to buy and play? Of course, it's a game of hand games. Wild and Wild games are simple and fast. It's really good. Fixed four map scenes, and a map of activities. Fixed map play can be launched in the time period. New activities will fine tune the scene objects, add some specific playing methods, and the reward mechanism of the team is also very clever. Unless you are the countdown of 123, there will be rewards. Competition is similar to qualifying. Victory will win trophies (individual heroes and trophies). The total trophy will only accumulate all the time. Failure will only reduce individual personal trophies, and it will be poisonous for a long time.

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