Look for the Rainbow Sea

After a year or a squid mother's feeling
I found myself gradually becoming a dolphin. (3[____ ]
Picca is funny.
Zelda is the first in the world. To ride a horse in hell is the master of the universe.
Recently, addicted to Odyssey and alien sword 2, the collection of obsessive-compulsive disorder can not stop at all!!!!!!!!
start with V house Are there any good people in the China distribution machine for me?
Hand skating bought a raspberry pie.

About Blog

Blogs were created a long time ago, but in 2016 XX XX days, all the cheap databases were lost, GG
And 2017. 1.07 start again.

I remember once bloggers just started a high semester. There was no computer at home, they could only go to the Internet cafe (+1). They started wandering in the Internet cafes from junior high school. They once did a Dalao in a famous Internet bar forum. Or social engineering and human nature have been studied.

It was also a casual meeting, from the forum Dalao, that I knew what to do with websites, and I wanted to play with them. I don't want to be fart. Then I went to a certain attack, without you guessing, I told you that the free host and free domain name were searched, and the famous website seemed to be called. Free resource tribes Enter TK, ML, CF The pit did not know how to use it in the past. No money. He laughed and cried, ha ha ha.

After that, I built many times and I could not remember myself. In recent times, I had been stationary for several months, and then transferred to Ali cloud.

Previously, I didn't buy domain names, which was the three level domain name that the host company encouraged. At that time, I was still a little shudder.

About domain name

I hope I am the luckiest person.

About Feng Xiaoxian

Work ~ At present, junior is going to be engaged. BUG Engineer The new recruits are in junior college.

Coordinates: Wuhan (longitude and latitude: 30.4769209114.4066892 )

Xing A kind of Interesting love A kind of Good: the sage mode. I love my sister. Interesting, fresh, alternative, novelty, eating, drinking and playing. All aspects of technology are pressure (pressure is challenging, and there is no challenge. What is the difference between salted fish and fish?)

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