Look for the Rainbow Sea

2077 the best in the world!
After playing for a year, I still feel like a squid girl
I found that I was gradually becoming more and more mature (? 3[____ ]
Picasso is fun
Zelda is the best in the world You are the master of the universe
Recently, I am addicted to Odyssey and heterodox sword 2. The collection of obsessive-compulsive disorder can't stop at all!!!!!!!!
start with V family Do you have any kind-hearted people to help me with this
Hand skater bought a raspberry pie

About blogs

Blog was created a long time ago, but on XX / XX / 2016, all databases were lost
And 2017.01.07 start again

I remember one time I started my blog when I was just in high school. I didn't have a computer at home, so I could only go to the Internet bar (go to the Internet bar + 1). I wandered in the Internet bar since I was in junior high school. I used to be a Dalao in a well-known Internet bar cracking forum for a period of time (the history is a little far away). At that time, I was very obsessed with cracking (now it's better, start front-end and crawler, There has been some research on social engineering and human nature.

It was also an accident that I learned about website making from Dalao forum and wanted to play with it, It's no use just thinking about it I'll tell you, it's free hosts and free domain names. I found a well-known website, which seems to be called Free resources of the tribe In tk,ml,cf I don't know how I used to use my courage. I think it should be myself No money #Laugh and cry, ha ha ha

After many times of heavy construction, I can't remember. The last few stable times were "staying" for a few months in the bricklayer removal, and then transferred to Alibaba cloud. Up to now

In the past, I didn't buy a domain name. I used to use the third level domain name advised by the host company. At that time, I was still a shivering Xiao Meng Xin, funny. Of course, now I am also a Xiaomeng new funny

About domain names

I hope I am the luckiest one

About Feng Xiaoxian

At work~ At present, the junior is about to engage in Bug Engineer I'm a freshman in junior college.

Coordinates: Shanghai Wuhan

Xing Fun and love Good: Sage model Love sister (✿◕‿◕✿) Interesting, fresh, alternative, novelty, novelty, eating, drinking and playing_ In terms of technology, it's all about pressure (if there is pressure, there's a challenge; if there's no challenge, what's the difference between it and salted fish

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