August 2018


Why should we develop integral mall?

Because we used to use the bar service, not bad.

But this year's (2018) closure of the free version of the service in the second half of the year requires paying for professional or ultimate use.

Of course, the staff have also contacted us, can give preferential prices, commercial mutual blow must say, "OK, we will discuss and consider".

If we use it, you won't see this article 23333.

- reading the remainder part -

My little fish, did you know the morning when you fell asleep?
Last night you said,
May night never open.
Your cheek is gently slipping.
Is it your tears or my tears?
Kiss the season,
Didn't I cry already?
My fingertips still remember.
Your flurried heartbeat, gentle fragrance,
The wisp of hair is floating.

My little fish, did you wake up, remember the night?
You said in the morning.
May the dawn never fall.
Your long hair has slid lightly.
Is it his hand or my hand?
Is it not a deep sleep?
I thought you'd never change.

My little fish, did you leave?
Leave under the snowy lake.
You said goodbye.
For better good-bye,
I can't stand the parting picture.
And choose!
And choose.
Will you return my little fish?
Do you know me?
You once said,
The change is time, the same is for you and me.
You walked with you.
Is it your own heart? It's the heart of others.
Is it already far away?
I'm still watching the sunset.
Looking at his elongated figure,
My little fish, you are not coming back.

I can't recognize you.
I could not remember what I said.
Time is changing, and it is you and me.
I am guarding dawn.
Waiting for the dawn.
My little fish.
Should I go, too?
I know the morning.
Remember when you said,
May night never open.
Your cheek is gently slipping.
It's my tears.
I cried in that season.
I remember my fingertips.
Your flurried heartbeat, gentle fragrance.
The wisp of hair is floating.

My little fish.
Where are you going?
I have already set off.

-- the rise of Kui Ba III war god.

A long war song, welcome back, dear Kuba!

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